The living room is our place to reconnect, unwind, and relax. This is where we read, watch movies together and snack on cookies while all cuddled up on the sofa! And somehow my daughters always end up with their dolls right next to me, playing with imaginary fairies and monsters. So having more space for everyone, including their dolls, was what I was secretly dreaming about for a while now! And with family visiting for the holidays, having a more comfortable sitting space was even more important than ever!Though as much as I love Christmas – I’m the first one to sing Christmas songs, and I don’t even get a tiny bit annoyed with festive decor just after Halloween – I also believe that Christmas is more than just a big Christmas tree and gift shopping. I believe that it’s simply about being close with the ones you love.

So for me it’s all about comfort. It’s about a comfy chair for my guests, it’s about a sofa big enough for me, my hubby, our daughters, my cats and my daughters dolls. Christmas is my favorite time, and my home is my favorite gathering place. So making it inviting, cozy and comfortable, is all that I wished for.And when I first started to think about changing our simple living room, I knew from the begging that what I really wanted was a Chesterfield inspired sofa: big and comfortable enough for all of us, yet charming and elegant. So obviously when I found the Derbyshire Sofa, I felt for it right away!

And I just love its forgiving material, pale enough to make our small living room look larger, yet dark enough to hide little spots ( because life with kids is messy!)

Also, I wanted real chairs. The type of chairs that our guests would happily sink in to, and wouldn’t feel like leaving. Comfortable, solid, yet airy and bright. Because I really believe that small spaces need white! Lots of it! So these chairs where the perfect find for my space!

The last update I made, was adding this gorgeous solid wood coffee table. With 2 secret hiding spots, perfect for late night snacks , and with a big shelf underneath, perfect for all the photo albums, remotes and our DIY advent calendar, it was the perfect fit!

And I feel that these changes that I’ve made have transformed our simple and basic living room, in to the nicest and most inviting family room I could have dreamed of!And now, our living room is the real epicenter of our Christmas traditions. This is where we check on our advent calendar in the morning. This is where we talk on Skype with family that is back in Europe. This is where we entertain friends and family, where we unwrap gifts and sip hot chocolate. And this is where I sit now, writing these words, and wishing you a very merry Christmas!

Get the look:

Derbyshire Sofa

Molly Accent Chair

Wellington Coffee Table

Pinebrook Round End Table

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