Lofy Living: Living room furniture ideas take comfort to a new level

Living room furniture ideas can be fun for some, but researching how to decorate your space (new to you or not) can be daunting. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: It’s about figuring out what the function should be for that space. And a loft-style apartment or living space is perfect for hosting and for relaxing on your own.

So, where to start? The biggest decision is about colour. And if you’re overwhelmed in choosing a hue, don’t stress. Neutrals are the perfect starting point, like the grey fabric of the above Finnerty sectional or the below Stella accent chair.

Contemporary furniture with simple, clean lines, durable finishes and neutral tones combine to create a room meant for socializing. Living room furniture ideas for an open-concept home start with getting creative with the space and furniture placement. You’ll want to establish a conversation area that naturally starts people chatting.

Use a sectional to define the chill-out zone, complement with an accent chair and choose a coffee table that allows you to move around easily.

Living room furniture ideas tip for condo living: For scale, the coffee table should be no more than two-thirds the length of your sofa. Break the rules with an angular table that can be positioned straight on or on a diagonal. It also gives you space to move.

Living room furniture ideas: A grey accent chair fills space and encourages natural conversation with your guest.

Heavy Metal Accents

As for accessories, go ahead! Mix gold and chrome metal accent pieces to really make a room shine. A tall chrome floor lamp and a gold-legged coffee table are subtle touches that really add punch and style.

Living room furniture ideas: A grey accent chair blends seamlessly in this neutral decor theme, accented with a gold-marble coffee table and a silver floor lamp.

Talk Shows

The TV can be a big debate at a party. You bet it’s distracting when there’s no game on or if you’re not having a Game of Thrones viewing party. But no living room is complete without one.

Get real with an LG TV that features the award-winning Alpha9 Intelligent processor. That’s tech speak for more realistic images. Binge watch your fave series in true-to-life realistic viewing.

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