Where the final step of the renovation process is actually his first.

When my husband and I purchased our Ravine House just over a year ago, we saw it as both an incredible opportunity and a ton of work. The home was in our dream neighbourhood, boasted great bones and was perfect as far as square footage was concernedbut it also needed a lot of work. But we never shy away from a fixer upper, so we dove in head first and began demolition the day we moved in!

Fast forward to today, and we’re nearly finished all of our home projects. We’ve decorated for summer, added some greenery and handmade touches and built whole rooms back up from the studs. The Ravine house is that much closer to becoming our dream homeespecially since it became the place we welcomed our first baby Jack into the world just this past winter.

Becoming a mother has come with a lot of change. Babies literally take over every part of our livesincluding our house—so when we set out to update our living room, Jack became a big consideration in the design equation. We needed an inviting space that could function well for us as a family without sacrificing style. And the Astin sofa in wheat was the perfect choice. With clean lines, lovely detailing and outfitted in a classic, soft wheat tone it perfectly balances my need for comfort and style. While some shy away from lighter colours when they have a family, I say bring it on! With a good stain fighter and a powerful vacuum, this resilient fabric will stay looking like new for years to come.

Since having Jack, I’m suddenly more open to playing with colour, so when it came to picking additional seating, I decided to have some fun with colour and texture with the addition of the Heritage Loveseat in navy. The pop of blue really brings life to the living room and gives it more dimensionand the contrast between the loveseat and the sofa appealed to my eclectic side while still offering a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. It’s become the perfect spot to curl up with Jack for a little afternoon nap. (And it is SO comfy!)

Another change that’s come with having a newborn is that I now spend tons of time down on the floor for playtime. Besides the need for a soft area rug, I wanted pieces of furniture that could easily be moved or reconfigured based on how we used the space. So rather than going for a traditional, bulky coffee table, I nabbed a Natura Coffee Table. It’s light enough to move around with ease, yet it creates a large surface perfect for games and snacks. My Natura end tables are tucked neatly away housing books and plants. 

Since having a baby, not only have my design tastes evolved, but I’m much more conscious of my furniture choices. I can confidently say that my living room is made up of pieces I love and can depend on. This space is now a place I enjoy being in, surrounded by my favourite people in the whole wide world!



Astin sofa in wheat (Also available in grey, dark grey and red).

Heritage Loveseat in navy (Also available in grey, beige and nutmeg.)

Natura Coffee Table

Natura End Table 

Julie Table Lamp


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