Light Mood Board

A bit of spring cleaning. The open windows. Putting away the sweaters and jackets. Who’s inspired to lighten up their homes too? And that inspired this light mood board.

Bring on the light

Sure, you’re not going to swap out your sofa for a couch with a lighter fabric, but you can make a few changes to your living room decor to change up the place. And it all starts with lighting.

You want furniture and accessories that spread, reflect and share the light in the room. And if you recall science colour theory, you’ll recall that lighter colours reflect light, where as darker colours absorb it. So think about that when you add accessories to your home in the spring and summer. And this light mood board shows how.

A lesson in lighting

To spread the light, choose accessories that don’t soak up all the light. Swap out the wooly or shaggy winter rug for one with a short weave. And soften up the room with a colour that really plays off neutrals, like this Waves Rug with curvy lines in a powder blue and beige.

To reflect light, a mirror is the obvious accessory to lighten up a room. And the Veronique Mirror with mirror panelled frame is more than up for the challenge. You’ll notice that the base of the Mother of Pearl Lamp does just that too.

As for sharing light in the room, a glass table is the smart choice (in place of wood or other opaque materials. See how the clear Flow Table Set don’t hide the carpet, floor or sofa? They bring breath to a room. Want something with a bit more architecture? Then you’ll love the chrome and glass details of the Nico Set.

Light up your day

Another way to make a space airy, is to add some positivity. Art that expresses positivity with graphic lettering and a beautiful message is another way to brighten up a room, both visually and emotionally. Love the metallic hits on the “Above All Else” print that not only add some shine to a wall or shelf, but give an uplifting message. Another glittering message can be seen on this “Shine Like A Diamond” print.

Brightening up a room is an easy thing to do, if you get rid of items that soak up your light and add things that will help the space shine.

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