‘Tis the season to cuddle up on the couch with a cozy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate topped with lots and lots of marshmallows, am I right? Add in a glistening Christmas tree and a fireplace, and I dare say you might have to pry me off the couch to get me to move from my favourite corner spot with my easy DIY blanket ladder to make sure something warm is always nearby!

This room didn’t always look quite so cozy, however, and we had to make some big changes to make it into the room it is today. Taking away old wallpaper, dated wood panelling and updating the fireplace were high on the priority list along with finding furniture that would fit this large room that doesn’t have many walls to work with! See what I mean?Putting together a family room for our growing family felt like a daunting task, at first. This room has to serve a lot of purposes: play area for twin boys learning to walk, evening relaxation zone for mom and dad, and occasional space for entertaining friends and family.Finding the perfect sectional sofa was priority number one! Something that we can reconfigure into one large piece or smaller ones felt like a dream come true! The Cortina 5 piece sectional was the perfect choice for us, being a light colour, in a super easy to clean material, and extremely easy to move around. Now, entertaining during the holidays becomes a breeze as we can use the ottoman separately and divide the sofa up around the room, or we can put all of the pieces together for one massive couch we can all snuggle up on together to watch Christmas movies. This also makes setting up the tree so much easier, when moving furniture around isn’t a chore, but rather  simple task.Next on my wishlist was storage. Babies come with a ton of gear, both large and small, and having a coffee table with drawers and space underneath for baskets and bins was essential. Things can be hidden but well within reach – perfect! The drawers allow us to tuck away the things we don’t want babies playing with, like remotes and other small accessories, while the open storage means blankets, toys, and extra pillows are always within arm’s reach! The Elder coffee table and end table were the ones for this job! I loved the rustic mix of wood and metal on these, and they matched perfectly with the Natura End Table we already had!In a tight corner, having a slim tree means we get lots of holiday spirit without taking up  very much space, and even a small and simple tree like mine can look full and lush with a few small additions and lots of lights! You can see how I spruced up my small tree on a budget in this post!

If ever there was a favourite room to unwind in, this is it. Right here.Do you have a favourite spot in your house to get away to? Maybe it’s where you take in your first sips of coffee in the morning, or where you lay your head to sleep at the end of a long day, or even a soft spot to sit on while the kids play and make a mess of all the things around you!

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