Set your home up to be KonMari-level tidy

So you’ve Marie Kondo’d your house. Now what? What do you do with all the things you’ve kept with the KonMari Method that “spark joy” for you?

You put them away. But where do you put them so that you don’t forget about them? How can you keep them handy without messing up your closet, countertops and tables? Multifunctional furniture of course. Pieces that allow for handy storage. Here are our picks that allow for a minimalist look as well as lots of storage goodness.


A sectional with storage – and it’s a spare bed!

The KonMari Method is all about simplicity and creating a home you truly love and are comfortable in – and ridding your home of items and space that don’t “spark joy” for you. Why waste the space of a spare room you may only use once or twice a year for guests, especially if you really want a dressing room, a craft room, sewing room, or heck, even a baby’s room. We love this pop-up sofabed sectional, which is stylish enough for the living room or family room. The leather look is modern but the hand is contemporary. All of the headrests are adjustable, and it’s also available in the reverse setup. And the seamless look of bed when it’s in place (bottom photo) is perfect for those days you want to binge Netflix for hours. The ottoman is also the perfect place to store pillows, blankets or fun boardgames.

Dalary 3-Piece Sectional with Left-Facing Pop-up Bed.


The bedroom with space

A cluttered bedroom is just a crime too easy to commit. And with the Marie Kondo technique of piling all your clothes on your bed, you’ll be craving a bedroom that’s airy and spacious. This bedroom set offers just that. Low-profile and modern, the bed is a comfy sleeping space that won’t infringe upon the feel of your bedroom – it adds to it. Your ceilings feel taller. The entire room feels bigger. And with the three drawer nightstands (and six drawer dresser), there is plenty of reachable space to store clothes and personal items.

Bellmar 5-Piece Queen Set


Mirror, mirror on the console

Have a tight space but want some beautiful storage. This console table is 12 inches deep, so it can work behind a sofa, in a bedroom, some bathrooms, and even in a front hallway. It’s the perfect place to store by category (like papers, books, etc), KonMarie-folded delicates, or whatever you want to put it. This piece is extra special, because it works like an accent piece, standing out from your other furniture – and that will spark joy.

Hearst Console Table

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