In a she-shed by the garden bed, childhood lives on.

As a little girl, you could often find me in the woods next to my childhood home. For me, the forest was magical—and in it was a treehouse in which I believed anything was possible. As I’ve grown, those memories and feelings have stayed with me.

When I first laid eyes on the shabby, old shed in our backyard, I knew I had to transform it into a grown-up version of my little childhood treehouse. A she-shed of sorts where I could escape to dream, write, paint, draw, sing, and create in.

Luckily my fiancé TJ is almost always on-board with my crazy ideas (and is as handy as he is handsome). With the help of our generous friends and family, we tackled the exterior first. We tore off the old white siding, replaced it with wood panelling and installed new windows. As for the doors, TJ customized and upcycled a pair of vintage windows that were originally a theatre prop from a production he starred in when we first fell in love. Until now, these windows were lovingly displayed in our living space, but now they’re a permanent fixture of our new shed and are by-far my favourite aspect of the build!

After tackling the shed’s exterior, I cast my sight’s to the yard. Growing up, I admired my grandparent’s gardens. They’d rise before the sun to tend to their vegetables and blooms, and their green-thumb certainly made its way to my mom—a florist—as well. Even my dad takes great pride in his impeccable grass, so now that I finally had a yard of my own, I took the opportunity to ask them a million questions. Equipped with their advice, I created a DIY wall planter and planted a garden next to the shed to admire from within. Here’s hoping I inherited some of those green-thumb genes!

As for the interior, after installing brand new floors and painting the walls in the most perfect rose-pink—Benjamin Moore’s Pink Swirl—it was time to furnish it.

My she-shed is equal parts whimsical summer fabulous and comfortable, and the Nubia Chair and a Half  fits my needs perfectly. (I went with the colour stone- but it’s also available in platinum, pearl, and grey!) Paired with the Wilcott End Table, I have style, function and tons of storage for my notebooks, scripts, and art supplies.

In any project, I like incorporating a handmade piece and pieces that reflects my personality, so I crafted the light fixture myself from wicker and installed a banana-leaf mural from Coloray Decor, bringing some fun to the otherwise muted, soft romantic room.

I’m in love with this makeover and I hope one day we can share the space with a little bambina (or bambino?!). I can already imagine enjoying hot summer days and beautiful starry nights together—but for now, my niece Ellia and I are planning our first of many backyard camping adventures. For such a tiny space, it’s incredible how many big adventures and memories it already holds.



Nubia Chair and a Half (Also available in platinum, pearl, and sterling.)

Wilcott End Table  (Also available in sand, dark oak, grey, and walnut.)

Benjamin Moore’s Pink Swirl


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