The back patio is summer’s office, the drinks are strong and the WIFI is weak

Winter and I don’t get along. Try as I might, the cold is just not that into me, and I’m just not that into the cold. So come summer, I make it my mission to squeeze every last drop out of the sunny weather and balmy breezes—and I do that by bringing as many aspects of the indoors outside as I possibly can.

I swing my windows open and dry my laundry on the line in the breeze. I even have a WI-FI booster to increase my internet signal so I can bring my laptop outside to work. And by night, it’s where I enjoy a soothing spiked drink—or two.

But what good is a slice of land without patio furniture to enjoy it? Just as I was at my wit’s end with winter and began browsing online for outdoor pieces, Leon’s released oodles of patio collections and the stars aligned. When I stumbled upon the Caribe Outdoor Sectional and matching coffee table, I instantly envisioned it in my backyard, lining the edge of my patio. And lucky for me, the fun didn’t stop there! My backyard is large enough to house both a lounge and a dining area, so next on the to-do list was finding pieces to suit the latter, which the Outdoor Dining Table totally satisfied.

Patio furniture shopping done, right? In theory, you’d think so, but little old me is never satisfied until I’ve exhausted all of my options. The itch I hadn’t quite scratched was that nothing tied the two spaces together from a design perspective. Although I’m not a matchy-matchy gal, I do believe that the only way to pull off an eclectic mix of pieces is to establish a thread of continuity, be it through materials, colours, shapes or styles. And neither the wicker weaves, nor the fabric colours and materials were a match. (To give you a glimpse into my psyche, this literally kept me up at night.)

That’s when I started getting creative and hunting for pieces that I could introduce to the dining space that had the same vibe as the lounge area and vice versa. This treasure hunt led me to the Sasha Outdoor Ottoman (which I immediately saw as dining chairs) introducing the sandy beige hues from the sectional fabric into the space. As a bonus, the fact that they’re backless makes for better sight-lines and encourage conversation between the two spaces. Just twirl your bum and you’re involved in giggles with those on the sofa.

Scattering in spotted accents in the form of various accessories and decor, and peppering in some black accents and ample plants, and my patio is now an oasis of mismatched beauty!

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