Where short-term pain equals long-term gain—if only the clothes folded themselves.

Most people would never think about taking on a renovation with a newborn. But when you know the results will outweigh the headaches, you say yes! Our main floor bathroom and laundry room were in desperate need of a revampespecially since having a baby! Newborns come with a lot more laundry than I ever expected. And our old, apartment sized machines just weren’t cutting it anymore. Getting a new Electrolux Titanium Front-Load Washer and dryer was totally life changingand their sleek design ultimately inspired the entire space!

With the addition of graphic black and white concrete tile on the floor and white paint on the walls (with a hit of black behind the vanity), the space is both sophisticated and fun.

And because the machines are stackable without compromising load size, we have plenty of room for extra storage and custom statement pieces. And unlike other washers, the Smartboost pre-mix technology and Perfect Steam features help to make sure everything comes out clean the fist time, even the big messes made by the smallest family member.

Doing the first few loads of laundry in our new machines showed us just what we’d been missing out on for so long! The Perfect Steam option lifted away every single baby stain and I didn’t even need to treat them beforehand. I also love the 15-minute fast wash and dry options. There are times I need an item cleaned quickly (like Jack’s sleep sack), and this ensures it’s clean and dry in time for bed! This mama also rarely has time to iron, so the Perfect Steam wrinkle release option has been a lifesaver!

After revamping the existing shelving to accommodate a hamper and spending some time organizing our laundry items, everything now has a place and I don’t shudder when I open the closet door anymore! Rather, I soak in the beauty and breathe in the beautiful scent from my DIY diffuser!

Let’s be honest: doing laundry isn’t a fun activity. But I am incredibly happy that we ended up prioritizing the renovation in this room! By spending some time creating a space we love and finding the right appliances, it’s now a room I look forward to being inif only the laundry would fold itself!


Electrolux Titanium Front-Load Washer

Electrolux Titanium Electric Dryer

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