Vacuuming is torture for me. Honest to goodness, if you want to see me unhappy, watch me when I vacuum (or fold laundry). And yet I love a clean floor more than just about anything – even clean clothes!With the arrival of our twin boys, having cleaner surfaces suddenly became even higher priority, especially since we have a dog that sheds! We can put down all the quilts and blankets we want, Luther’s teeny tiny hairs get into everything. So how do I keep our home clean, love my dog, and keep my sanity while doing my most hated chore? Here are my tips:


Yes, I know. You were probably looking to cut down on how often you need to do this, but here’s the thing – vacuuming more times during the week actually means I do it in spurts, and not one giant marathon session, which is what actually aggravates me anyway! If I vacuum for about 20 minutes every day (realistically, every other day), the whole house seems to stay clean, especially the high-traffic areas like our entry and the kitchen since that’s where most of the actual dirt seems to come from. When I get to the trickier parts, like baseboards and underneath furniture, more than once in a blue moon, it makes a huge difference because dust bunnies don’t spread around everywhere, and no dust bunnies is how I like it!This also means dust has less of a chance to collect over the week, so it’s a win-win! The marathon vacuuming may still happen from time to time, but it’s no longer a weekly workout where I have to carry all of the vacuum parts with me and make sure I get every nook and cranny. Doing it in shorter spurts means I can focus on certain areas a bit more – see next point…


If I could vacuum Luther, I would. But he would never go for that! Instead, I make sure to vacuum both of his beds and any other surface he likes to find himself on for naps (hello, sofa!) as often as possible. The beauty of this is that I don’t need to be constantly washing his bed (because I do not need the extra laundry either, thank you very much). If this gets done once a week, I’m happy. I just grab the parts I need, vacuum the places I know Luther has been on, and it also means my upholstered pieces get a good cleaning.


Seems obvious? Tell that to my 25-year old central vac system that used to shut off mid-cleaning all of the time! I have never been so happy to see a vacuum like I was on the day our Dyson V8 Absolute arrived. When you like your vacuum, you like vacuuming.

Knowing that I have all of the necessary parts to clean rugs, hard floors, stairs, and even our mattresses means I get to have peace of mind that I won’t be finding tiny black dog hairs on everything all the time.

And there you have it. Three little things that keep me sane while my beloved pup sheds his coat all over our home. This reassures me that once the boys are walking and crawling, they won’t be so covered in dog hair that it’ll look like we have 3 dogs instead of just the one!

Have some more tips? I’m all ears. What do you do to make vacuuming more bearable?

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