We all love summer time because of its warm temperature, the sun is always shining, nature is at its peak and the kids are always happy! There are so many positives that outweigh the negatives when we talk about summer, but one of the issues some of us might struggle with is trying to keep cool. This is a subject I want to address and hopefully this is a solution for you when it comes to keeping your bedroom cool! Since our master bedroom is the hottest room in our house during the summer months it was time to upgrade our fan to really make our bedroom feel like the ultimate retreat! On cooler summer nights, we always kept the AC running because without it our bedroom was like a sauna, leaving us tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. We knew we needed to find a fan that was compact enough to tuck away in storage, yet functional enough for our needs. That’s when we discovered The Dyson Cool! We love its super sleek design and all of its amazing benefits that really make all the difference in our bedroom.

In the past we had a bulky floor fan that was always in the way, the kids were always crashing into it or sticking objects into the blades… so you can only imagine how much of a pain that fan really was. With our bedroom size being on the smaller side, we needed something that wouldn’t take up so much floor space. The Dyson Cool ended up being the perfect solution. The fan is small enough to sit on a desk or dresser, it tilts and rotates which helps to regulate the temperature of our bedroom so there is no need for us to adjust its position. It’s super quiet which is perfect with Max’s room so close, easy to keep clean and we don’t have to worry about the kids sticking their itty bitty fingers inside because it’s blade-less! Yes BLADE-LESS, you heard that right! Our old fan used to collect so much dust on the blades but now all I have to do is give the Dyson a good wipe. It also comes with a remote so when we are laying in bed, we don’t have to get up to turn it off (Brent’s favourite feature) talk about being a little on the lazy side, shhhhhh.
We love having the fan on during the night to help us fall asleep comfortably with the windows open and the breeze from outside circulating around in our bedroom. There’s also the option of a timer setting, so the fan automatically turns off throughout the night helping to save on hydro, and the time morning rolls around, it’s already pretty cool in our bedroom. I highly recommend this fan for taking on those hot summer months! I don’t know how we managed as long as we have without it- it really is worth every penny and even the kids get a kick out of it!

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