The holiday season is my favourite time of year because it is the time when we gather most often with family and friends. I anxiously await the Christmas cards in the mailbox and happily accept the invitations to holiday parties. It’s the time of year for dressing up and going out. For pulling out the most sparkly outfits and the prettiest shoes. It’s the time to don the special jewelry and the fancy coats. It’s the time of year where everyone has an excuse to dress up!That’s why this year I decided to skip the traditional decorations in our bedroom décor and to simplify things. After all, I wanted an excuse to see my pretty, sparkling, treasured things, all season long, not just on New Years eve.

So I pulled out my collection of pretties and dressed up a small faux tree. It’s the easiest decorating I’ve done all season and its convenient too! I love that.  I don’t need to worry about my special pretty pieces getting tangled in my jewelry box as I change my outfit and my accessories half a dozen times in preparation for a party. Nope, not anymore!

This unique and charming display will help to keep things neatly organized and displayed and will remind me to wear the bracelet my in-laws got me when we attend dinner at their home. Additionally, the hanging, swaying, sparkling tones of the delicate handmade necklace made by a dear friend will catch my eye and remind me that thoughtful gifts are the best kind. Now, those gifted pieces or those heirloom pieces, and even those thrifted pieces with the good memories, will have me reaching out to touch them, to enjoy them, even on those snowed in, dressed down, yoga pant wearing days where jewelry would never be considered.

Life is too short not to be reminded of the pretty things we have tucked away in drawers. Life is meant to be celebrated and so celebrate I shall. Every time the morning light catches that costume jewelry I adore or that precious stone I treasure, I’ll celebrate the memories they carry.

When we practice celebrating the little things, it becomes habit to celebrate all things, and through the celebrating, gratitude grows. Ultimately, gratitude is a big part of this season of gift giving.

We gratefully give and we graciously receive and together we celebrate all the pretty moments that have filled our lives since last year. Does this season fill you up with gratitude too? What are you most grateful for this year?

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