teal mood board
Make an impact with a subtle hue

Sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest change in your home. And a hit of colour will do just that. Take teal, for example. Imagine a blue-green accent pillow brightening up your living room. Or a teal cabinet in the front hallway. Or if you’re a fan of colour and the power it has on a room, slide sofa in this shade into your family room. Enter today’s inspiration: Our teal mood board.

According to Canva, a site that you can use to create your own mood boards, teal combines the calming effects of blue with the fresh feel of green, making it the perfect moody colour for the home. I also think it’s quite youthful and feminine. Look above and you’ll see teal inspiration flowers and baking, plus it pairs well with pink, yellow and other expected spring colours. (And boy do we need the feeling of spring now!)

So a-tealing

As Instagram has shown us, this blue-green hue isn’t just about pairing neutrals (although it does work). It can also be paired with warm colours, like reds, browns and rusts. But it can also be quite pretty when paired with pinky rose. But if you want your teal pieces to show off, sticking with more subdued complementary colours, like grey, white and/or black are appealing to the eye as well.

Nice accent

What kind of teal pieces are family friendly and go pretty much with most décor themes without breaking the bank? Well, so glad you asked.

The Glennon cabinet is an eye-catching statement that is totally Instagram-worthy. And if you’re a colour newbie, or even non-neutral adverse, art is the way to go. And this gilded canvas is soft and easy on the eye. It won’t shout to get the attention despite the other pieces in your room. And if you are have all the feels for teal, then you will love the Julian Collection. Because of the fabric, the colour is softer, so you can either omit other teal accent pieces or go full on with a richer shade. Either way, it’s an inviting room.

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