Industrial look kitchen design is right at home when it comes to today’s lifestyles. Whether you’re a foodie who lives to sear, sauté, and serve or a takeout devotee with Uber Eats on standby, this suits many tastes. Here’s why this style sizzles:

Industrial Look kitchen design with kitchen appliances

Industrial look kitchen never goes out of style

With its exposed brick, factory-style stainless steel and low-maintenance surfaces like poured concrete and textured wood, the industrial look is ageless. It draws from the past (vintage-looking metal fixtures and Edison bulb lights), while embracing the future (state-of-the-art appliances). Use accessories to refresh your space when the mood strikes, but industrial is a look that never gets stale.

Modern but cozy more your style? You’ll adore this kitchen design.

Industrial look kitchen with a large pantry-style fridge

This pantry-style fridge is – and holds – everything

A pantry-style, bottom-freezer fridge that stores more and boosts functionality, is not only an avid cook’s best friend but also ideal for dedicated meal preppers and those who order meal kits. Who doesn’t want storage galore, including grab-and-go ledges, for your weekly juice delivery?

Industrial look kitchen with easy to clean stove top

Easy-to-clean surfaces are a lifesaver

Sleek stainless-steel appliances look contemporary in an industrial look kitchen. And it is a breeze to wipe down. A smooth, seamless cooktop doesn’t collect grease, and a standalone fridge is easy to move for regular coil vacuuming (which promotes energy efficiency).

Take a cue from restaurant kitchens and think power and performance. This large capacity convection range features a sizable window, so you can monitor your food without compromising the temperature by opening the door. Plus, the Keep Warm setting allows you to serve multi-course meals like a pro.

Industrial Look kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Expansive colours blow out a space

The tonal palette of stainless-steel, steely blue and sandstone creates a room-expanding, expansive ambiance. It gives the kitchen a low-key, welcoming mood, ideal for cooking or socializing.

If you are a baker at heart, check out this kitchen design – Nonna-approved.

The look of the industrial look kitchen

A mix of open and closed storage is a trademark of the industrial kitchen aesthetic. As in restaurant kitchens, open shelves keep frequently used pieces at the ready, while under-counter drawers and cabinets prevent clutter from making an appearance.

Industrial look kitchen table and chairs dining set

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