To quote HGTV Canada Celebrity Builder and green thumb Carson Arthur, this recap is “gonna kinda totally not suck.”

Although, as the final episode chronicling the renovations at the HGTV Canada Home To Win, it does kind of suck that the fun’s almost over… But fret not! Have you heard the good news? We’re doing it again next year! Season 3 of Home to Win will be bigger than ever as the series moves to Global. And while you wait for the new season, you can keep up with your favourite Home to Win stars throughout the year on HGTV Canada. As if you hadn’t had your fill of pipe-ball twerking already. (No clue what I’m referring to? Well you’ll just have to watch this week’s episode here.)

This week saw HGTV Canada Celebrity Designers Tiffany Pratt and Sarah Keenleyside pair up with HGTV Canada Celebrity Builders Sebastian Clovis and Carson Arthur, respectively, to finish off the basement with a playroom and a flex-space landing. The former space was one Seb and Tiff were thrilled to accept, but the latter was a harder space to swallow for Sarah and Carson. Basements, after all, are tricky—but landings are the trickiest of all.After some genius brewed, Sarah and Carson turned a dead-space into a super functional and beautiful home office, starting with a bold accent wall of blue plaid, and ending with a living plant wall and a surprising amount of storage and seating at every turn. I just love the pop of the red chairs against the home’s otherwise fairly blue scheme—and the rope shelving was a lovely touch. What makes this space so great is how flexible and multi-functional it is. Depending on the home owner, it can be a home office, square-one for homework, a charging station, or a reading nook—simply swap and move the furniture and make it your own!

Where Sarah and Carson had a small footprint to work with, Tiffany and Sebastian had the opposite problem in the playroom: they had so much room they had no choice but to divide it up and separate it into zones to avoid the feeling of it being a long bowling alley. Luckily, this was a task made for maximalist and colour-lover Tiffany. With help from some friends—HGTV Canada Celebrity Designer Jillian Harris and HGTV Canada Celebrity Real Estate Expert Todd Talbot, to be exact—the playroom became hands-down the funnest and most inspiring space in the entire house.The pegboards are low-profile and almost blend with the wall, but they offer tons of movable storage and add visual interest. And as potential children living here grow, the walls can go from holding crayons and paint to video games and storage for a budding entrepreneur! But my favorite aspect of all has to be the rope wall divider. It’s not only functional, but is SO cool-looking and adds some texture, tying in elements from elsewhere in the home. Paired with easy-going pallet furniture with unfussy cushions (that double as the ultimate ingredients for pillow forts) and a gradient wall paint treatment, you literally feel like a kid in there—take my word for it!And with that, the renovations at HGTV Canada’s Home To Win are complete and I could not be more ecstatic for you all to tune in for the finale next Sunday at 10pm on HGTV Canada where WE GIVE AWAY THIS HOME! Craziness… *all the tears*

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