Have you ever bought the cutest ever throw pillow for your home, brought it home, and then hated it? It’s not the pillow’s fault, it’s not your fault, and it’s not the store’s fault. The problem is you didn’t put it on your mood board – or even have a mood board. That’s your first mistake. This post is here to fix all that. Here’s how to make a mood board, and avoid these three common mood board mistakes.

How to make a mood board?

A mood board is easy enough to do. You just put things together that you like to see how it goes together. Do it physically, by cutting out and printing photos and pasting them or pinning them on a corkboard. You can create a Pinterest account. (Don’t forget to follow Leon’s on Pinterest!) Or you can take snaps on your phone, and save them to an album, and just look at the grid view on your phone to see everything together. The rules for a mood board are soft (have fun!). Don’t get bogged down, taking the images literally. Consider it a guide to colour scheme, texture and pieces you want to bring into your home.

how to make a mood board for a bedroom

Don’t… think outside the box for inspiration

Our world, our environment creates colour palette schemes that are effortless and beautiful. Sure, magazines and catalogues show how to put colours together, but don’t forget about nature. The colours, textures and shapes. Look at the bedroom colour scheme board above and how the beach image pulls together the shapes and colours in the headboard, bedding and rug. It is subtle but sends the message home.

Check out how this mood board inspired this bedroom colour scheme.

Don’t… worry about mixing colours in the same colour family

When it comes to decor we often bring hues together based on how the complement each other. That’s when two colours are on opposite ends of the colour wheel. But you can also go based on tone, like in this mood board. How this mood board works is by choosing colours with a bluish-undertone. So, the space has a more cool feel, than warmth.

This mood board inspired this small living space.

Don’t… avoid clashing lines

Lines are a wonderful way to create interest in a room. Whether it’s a vertical tufted velvet sofa, or a woven rug with a trellis-inspired pattern. Gone are the days where one theme, one colour or one pattern dictated our style. The only issue is if they go well together. And if you put images of inspiration and real pieces as well as colour palettes together, and you still love it, keep going with your mood board.

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