Hello friends! It’s Lucy from Craftberry Bush. I hope the new year is treating you well thus far.

Since having posted our teen boy room reveal last summer, we have received a number of questions on the brick panel wall and so we thought we would provide a step-by-step, along with some tips for you to consider should you decide to install your own.

The Details

The panels come in various colours, with the standard size being 8′ tall  x 4′ wide x 1/4″ thick. Despite their size, they are surprisingly light in weight as they are made out of hardboard. We purchased ours from a local home improvement store and  depending on the amount of cuts, they will cut at no cost.

  • Construction Adhesive
  • Nail Gun
  1. Measure your wall space to determine how many panels you’ll require.
  2. Cut panels according to measurements. TIP: We recommend you line up the panels at the hardware store to ensure the patterns align. We unfortunately didn’t find out until we arrived home that there was a slight variation and bricks and grouts do not match at every spot.
  3. Create a template that includes any special cuts (i.e. outlets, light switches or pitched ceiling lines). You’ll need to make this before installing the panels. You can use brown paper and trace the line of the ceiling using a straight-edge razor. Using your template as a guide, make cuts on the panels as needed with a jigsaw.
  4. Place some construction adhesive to the underside of the panel and place panel on the wall. Secure with nails using a nail gun or hammer and nails.
  5. Caulk any spaces along the walls, ceilings or baseboards to create a clean seam.

The installation took very little time and once in place, you can paint the panels using regular paint if you wish, although we left ours with its original colour.

As well as recommending you check the pattern prior to cutting it at the store, take account of any surface that may not be leveled (i.e. baseboards or ceilings). You can see from this photo that the bricks on the right do not match, but it’s luckily in the corner and can be disguised with the wire from the cage light.

We love how the MAYA night table looks against the brick and adds a the warm texture to the room. We would love to hear should you have any questions, or feel free to let us know how your project worked out.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. See you soon!


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