Between drop-ins from the Scott Brothers, new-school slang vs. old-school slang, an epic snowball fight (which included donuts) and a super-sticky challenge, last Sunday’s episode of HGTV Canada’s Home To Win was a hoot—although I’m admittedly biased as I was on it (!!!)

This week, I partnered with HGTV Canada Celebrity Builder Rob Evans to tackle the guest bedroom suite which included a sunroom (which I shared more about on my blog). We also partnered with HGTV Canada Celebrity Designer Samantha Pynn and HGTV Canada Celebrity Builder Kate Campbell to tackle a shared bathroom that divided our guest room with a lovely kid’s room they renovated.Together, the four of us took on the entire left wing of the house, so continuity was key—not just between our rooms, but in relation to the rest of the house. Which, in part, was all thanks to a drop-in from real estate expert Drew Scott and builder Jonathan ScottMissed this episode? Watch it here!  While we wanted to maintain consistency with the overall design vision, we decided to push the envelope juuuuust a bit seeing as these rooms were either for guests or kids, so fun was key. As possibly the only millennial in the lineup, it was only fitting that my bedroom design involved pink—much to Rob’s chagrin. But our opposite-spectrum, funny dynamic aside, my vision for the space was: whimsical and youthful, but still relaxing and simple. It was a small space after all, so I wanted to limit the amount of furniture and opt for classic pieces: The bed, up-cycled dresser and arm chair contrast the low-profile rattan side tables and wood beaded chandelier which offer some warmth and texture.

In the end, it turned out feeling youthful and refreshing—and packed a pretty pink punch! But as we don’t know who the homeowners will be, we kept it flexible and didn’t make any drastic or permanent changes. Peel off the wallpaper, paint the walls and change up the bedding, and you get an entirely different look.Another perk of this bedroom is what lies just beyond it through a new glass door: the sunroom. Once again, this space was small—but surely mighty! It not only became an extension of the bedroom (and the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee), but with direct access to the deck, it’s super convenient and offers privacy should the future homeowners choose to use it as a guest suite. Plants, pillows, a swing and a view… Can you ask for anything more?In Sam and Kate’s room, blues took the cake. From the get-go her design leaned graphic edgy and fun, yet still sophisticated and mature. With subtle wallpaper, any kid could grow with this space for the years to come with a few decor tweaks. But hands-down the best part of this room (other than the cool two-tone chevron floors) is the bunk-bed which you’ll just have to watch the episode to see! And once again, the thread of continuity was woven into these rooms as well: Sam brought in rattans, wicker, and rope to offer some visual interest.

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