The bedroom is arguably the best room.

Between the importance of self-care and our increased need to unplug from our busy go-go-go lives, the bedroom has gone from a place to just sleep to a spot for resttaking on whatever form that may mean for you! Be it for writing blog posts (I’m atop my bed as I type this!) watching movies with the family, or enjoying a hot cup of tea with a good book and your loved one, bedrooms are our sanctuarieswhich is what made the latest episode of HGTV Canada’s Home To Win so masterful—pun intended.

This past week, HGTV Canada Celebrity Designers Mia Parres and Sarah Baeumler joined forces with HGTV Canada Celebrity Builders Dave Kenney and Colin Hunter to collaborate on the renovation of the entire master suite. Now, it’s hard to tell while watching, but the footprint of the house is such that the master quarters take up an entire wing of the home. It’s tucked away down a hall from the main living space, making this suite feel super private and special. Every time I visited the house while filming (my episode is on next Sunday!) I took a mo’ to relax on the sofa in front of the fire. Relaxation is a feeling after all, and between the privacy, the size of the closet, that free-standing tub and the lake view, I’m very jealous of whomever gets to call this their own!

This episode was packed with tons of board and batten, navy and nature, cameos from HGTV Canada Celebrity Builders Bryan Baeumler and Scott McGillivray and a hilarious game of ladder ball thanks to Sarah. If you missed it, you’ll just have to watch and see it for yourself!

Design-wise, the master bedroom weaves a tale of contrast between light and dark, plush and streamlined. And as a result, the space feels calm and airy thanks to the combination of dusty blues, whites with warm undertones, and natural materials (from driftwood and stone, to white-washed pine and wicker). Layered with lots of soft textiles such as rugs (a must in a bedroom), throws, pillows and bed linens, this room is cozy and inviting, yet still sophisticated. Part of what makes it looks so chic is the combination of simple and complex, solid and patterned: The simple white walls are given some character and visual interest thanks to the board and batten; and pairing a large-scale patterns (like the chunky striped duvet) with super tight patterns and/or heavily textured fabrics always results in a Pinterest-worthy space.

And of course, don’t forget the bed itself! The addition of the washed-out wood Pine Ridge King Bed bed against the white walls is just lovely, and the Tempur-Pedic Embrace Twin Mattress atop Reflection Twin Adjustable Base is pretty amazing. (I have one of their mattresses myself, but not the adjustable kind—that’s just fancy as heck)!

And if you’re so lucky to have the room, I’m also a big fan of a lounge area in a bedroom. Floating the sofa in the middle of the space gave Mia the opportunity to create a cozy, intimate nook with a low-profile glass coffee table to keep the view of the fireplace unobstructed. The layout is so smart because it makes the living space feel separate from the bed, and yet the placement also means that you can watch TV from bed, if you so chose.

I’m a first believer in mixing and matching. I always say, “If you love it, it will work together,” which is why I’m such a fan of the master bathroom. Sarah mixed metals (brass, gold and chrome) as well as introduced some soft decor and accessories to combat the hard surfaces such as the tile, tub and countertop which is key in any room. Once again, it’s all about balance! I also love the Turkish tassel-towels and shabby-chic casual towel ladder which downplay some of the more glam aspects of the room such as the beautiful sconce and crystal knobs.

The master closet didn’t need a huge overhaul. It was an empty room after all, which is all you really need! I’m personally a messy closet lass, so I think the four sliding barn doors made by Colin (kudos, dude!) not only added texture but are super functional for hiding the ugly. With no windows, the addition of the big mirror is not only necessary for outfit checks, but helps reflect light and make the space feel bigger.

Enter to win this week’s prize, a Tempur-Pedic sleep system!

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