Renovations at the HGTV Canada Home To Win are in full swing!

This week, dozens of us made an appearance—well, in the form of our baby photos, that is. 😉

In all seriousness, this week saw another talented foursome swing by to kick off renovations in the spaces that arguably see the most action in any home: HGTV Canada Celebrity Builder Paul Lafrance teamed up with queen of colour, HGTV Canada Celebrity Designer Tiffany Pratt, to design a living room filled with personality and sophistication. And in the kitchen, HGTV Canada Celebrity Designer Danielle Bryk came back for round two—this time, partnered with HGTV Canada Celebrity Builder (and my renovation partner in crime) Sebastian Clovis—to bring some function and beauty to the dated kitchen.

Right off the bat, both teams decided to kick out windows and walls to create sliding doors onto the deck (which Joey Fletcher and David Kenney were finishing) to take advantage of the amazing lake view, and that’s where I thought the similarities would end. Given Danielle and Tiffany’s respective aesthetics—one favoring neutrals and the other, rainbows—I was curious to watch how the side-by-side spaces would interact. But with a cohesive vision, watching how each designers interpreted “classically lakeside” was super interesting and fun.

With drop-ins from HGTV Celebrity Designers Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe (who skirted his dirty job, the lucky guy), this episode was one of my faves. Missed this episode of HGTV Canada’s Home To Win? Watch it here!

And some exciting news for you: starting this week, you can now enter into various contests to win some awesome prizes! Watch me struttin’ some stripes as I chat about this week’s contest (enter here):

Recap and contests aside, if you watch for nothing else except for the challenges and the funny dynamics between teams, you’re in for a great show. Personally, I had the pleasure of being a designer on the show (my episode airs May 28th!), and yet I still love watching as a viewer for the takeaways and design ideas.

In the living room, the only thing I loved more the beautiful stone wall with a double-sided fireplace was the nook Paul and Tiffany created to the left of the fireplace for stacked firewood logs. It added symmetry to the length of wall and some natural texture which picked up on the coastal theme beautifully. You also may have noticed the DIY rope ottoman, buoys hanging as wall-art and touch of Tiffany eclecticism in the form of mixed patterns. A lot of people are afraid to mix ikat and floral, or shibori and stripes, but when linked by a common colour, mixing patterns is nothing to fear!

In the kitchen, Danielle’s love for black and neutrals came to life in the form of the lovely square backsplash and the black hardware, stools and appliances. Some colour was introduced in the form of navy paint on the island to tie the rooms together, and plenty of natural materials such as carved wood bowls, baskets, a wood dining table and textured blinds were added in to bring warmth. With a room so large, forgoing upper cabinets was a great decision! It offers some pause and airiness and allows for the view out the windows to take up the real estate—and how about that DIY Lake Sign? Too cute.

Last and certainly not least, the scotch room—arguably my favourite space in the whole home. I may not be a scotch-drinker, but the moodiness and atmosphere achieved in such a tiny space is down-right addictive. Between the leather arm chairs, map art, chandelier, Tiff’s DIY pottery and the overall flow and function, I’m in love. Imagine enjoying dinner at the dining table, parlaying into the scotch room and capping the night off by adjourning to the living room just outside the french doors. And if dark and moody isn’t the vibe for the night, I love that you also have the option to enjoy your night cap on the back porch chairs just outside the living room doors!

Like what you see? Shop each room below and check in next week for another HGTV Canada Home To Win post!

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