I loved this episode for two reasons: 1. It officially kicked off the transformation! And 2. I get a huge kick out of watching the challenges because I know how hard and nerve-wracking they were.

Missed this episode of HGTV Canada’s Home To Win? Watch it here!

Overall, what’s really cool about this series is the collaborative environment. Any given week is a dice throw of which designers and which builders would work together. And while it was up in the air at times, it was exhilarating and everyone really did bring such good vibes. Antics aside, everyone’s goal was to create a home worth winning. So while everyone added their own personal touch, our collective vision was truly to come together and work together in good fun for a great cause.

This week we saw the first renovations take place. Inside, HGTV Canada Celebrity Designer Danielle Bryk and HGTV Canada Celebrity Builder Rob Evans teamed up and got down to business creating the two spaces that see the most business: the powder room and the laundry room. And while utilitarian spaces for the most part, that didn’t stop Danielle from designing them to be both beautiful and functional.

Bathrooms are typically tiny spaces you don’t spend a ton of time in, so you can really go bold with colour and pattern! In this space, the blue spotted wallpaper not only packs a design punch but the watercolour effect speaks to the lakeside surroundings. Paired with natural elements (like the cool DIY rope towel holder and wood mirror) and a dramatic deep blue ceiling, this one small room set the tone for the entire house.

In the laundry room the biggest impact happened at the hands of the faux shiplap and updated laundry machines. I actually love that they didn’t change the layout because it already worked so well. As they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” You can come in from the garage (door on the right) and unload your dirty shoes, and it can be closed off from the rest of the house through a door on the left. I also think the floating shelves are on point! Easy access to detergent and soaps, but also seamlessly simple.

Outside, HGTV Canada Celebrity Designer Samantha Pynn joined HGTV Canada Celebrity Builder Joey Fletcher to tackle the home’s exterior and add some pretty and function to the massive garage. I absolutely loved the paddle decor and hanging canoe. Such a cool idea and, in a pinch, can be used as legit paddles! On the home front—literally, on the front of the home—HGTV Canada Celebrity Builder André Chevigny from HGTV Canada’s Timber Kings dropped by quite dramatically to offer a custom touch in the form of a planter box and pretty wood trusses which instantly gave the home some rustic flair. And I have to say Sam made a great call with adding the stain and trusting her gut-instinct and swapping the door paint to grey.

Shenanigan-wise, Rob was on the episode—meaning antics were bound to happen. I can’t decide whether getting Danielle to fish for hardware in the dirty toilet and tricking Joey into doing the dirty demo work was work of a genius or a villain. 😉 But hey, it’s all in good fun which brings me to the weekly challenge: YESSSSSS! I speak truthfully when I say that none of us get briefed as to what the competitions are ahead of time. It’s top secret and we actually have to see them through live. It’s a rush, and I was on the edge of my seat watching Rob, Danielle, Sam and Joey fish for their screws to make their chairs. If that were me, I’d have lost big time. So pats on the backs for all four of them!

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