Episode 3: Sink or swim?

Maintaining a pool is a lot of work, and that goes without saying. But renoing a pool (on top of overhauling an entire house) sounds like more stress than I could handle. Even with a team of celebrity designers and home experts, like those on HGTV Canada’s Home To Win episode 3.

The Pool Is Open!

The “before” pool was more like a place the old homeowners would have sent their kids, and not like a spot the family would spend time together – judging by how far the pool and the deck were separated. And as contractor Sebastian Clovis and designer Jo Alcorn noted: The pool is shaped like a coffin!

Fixing the pool is well worth it, showed episode 3. And it now seems like a pool worthy of a pool party. Especially with the Del Mar 5-Piece Outdoor Dinette with Fire Pit. So even if the kids want to float the day away, parents can enjoy themselves with some adult conversation. (Before you buy a fire pit, read this!) And once the kids are in bed, the adults can still hang out with a moody fire. Plus it’s right next to the tiki bar!

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Living the life

There has yet to be a full reveal inside the HGTV Canada’s Home To Win house, but the living room did get some love, though. Make It Right Mike Holmes Jr. worked with with designer Sarah Keenleyside to add to the family feel by tackling the living room. The result is another spot that is family cozy but has lots of style. It’s just a tease, but so far it’s looking great.

This is the deck dreams are made of! Episode 2 gave the patio reveal!

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