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White Holiday Style

White Holiday Style #LeonsHelloHoliday


White.  Did someone mention white?


I’m currently perfecting the art of WHITE, and to celebrate (you’ll all be invited, obviously) yours truly will be your bartender of white-ness.  Together, we’ve got this. Also, excuse me while I yell about how much I FLIPPING LOVE THE LAUREL CHAIRS! <<< Yes I screamed that!

A monochromatic decorating style with layers of white, can make a space simply fresh and beautiful.   Sunny and warm.   The yin to the yang.  It’s a style that I’ve splashed throughout my home and throughout the seasons.

Why? Because it’s simply easy on the eyes and simply beautiful  …

White Holiday Style #LeonsHelloHoliday


White holiday style & the staggering simplicity it brings to a space via @leons @lynneknowlton #myleons #helloholiday


White holiday style & the staggering simplicity it brings to a space via @leons @lynneknowlton #myleons #helloholiday



The secret of white home decor is to use warm whites as a base to your decor in your home, and add pops of colour for the changing seasons.  Boom. Gorgeousness.

During the holidays, add white twinkle lights, vintage bulbs, natural greenery and oh la la…the beauty unfolds.

It's easy to love white and the staggering simplicity it brings to a space.

White Holiday Style #LeonsHelloHoliday



My design style changed when we moved to Paris for a couple of years.  Every.interior.space.in.Paris. seemed as if it was… you guessed it.. white.


I was like… wait a minute.  Paris designers.  White paint… Wine… Baguettes….These are my favourite things.  They seemed to have it all figured out. Combine that… with coffee, pastries and serve it up in a French cafe.   Mind blown.  Smitten kitten.  I was forever changed.


I became a lover of WHITE.

White madness.

WHITE everything.

A whirlwind of WHITE BLISS-FUL-NESS.

White Holiday Style #LeonsHelloHoliday
DIY chunky wool blanket tutorial


I pretty much came home and painted every square inch of my house white.


When living in Europe, I realized that I have this deep sense of home buried in the fabric of my soul. Dramatic much?  I’m just bringing it.  Paris made me love white, but it also made me miss the warmth of our Canadian home.


I missed the simpler, happy, bright side of life.  If I was going to set about painting anything that didn’t move, white.. well.. I wanted to make it warm whites.  Layered.  Monochromatic.  The warmth of happy home.


Boom chicka wow wow.  HOME.


Where were we? WHITE.


White Holiday Style #LeonsHelloHoliday
How to make a chunky wool blanket


I learned to appreciate that less is more.  Too much clutter messes up our head space.  It also makes for a ton of housekeeping.  Gah.


Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Need some ideas for keeping it simple?




  •   Paint a sap bucket white
  •  Gather twigs and spray paint white
  •  Cement the twigs into the sap bucket (or use floral foam)
  •  Decorate with white twinkle lights and vintage Christmas ornaments.

White Holiday Style #LeonsHelloHoliday



White Holiday Style #LeonsHelloHoliday

Need more inspiration?


Rooms decorated in white are all over the internet, so you’re poised to be Captain Cool with your take on this trend.  Such fab white ideas, are shared on Pinterest all the live long day.  It’s so unfortunate when people steal my ideas before I think of them.

*insert big toothy grin*


Pin them.


Put on a paper Pinterest crown and enjoy the virtual accomplishment.  The hustle is real.  The struggle is real.


Sparkling white decor advice for your home


Let’s be clear on this right now: If you invite me into your home and ask for my advice… I’ll tell you this:


Wait.  Are you sure you want my advice? I once told my bestie that if she wore waterproof mascara it would wash off super duper easy.  That was 20 years ago.  I think she still has it on.


My advice…

Paint it white.  Done.   B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.

White Holiday Style #LeonsHelloHoliday


White Holiday Style #LeonsHelloHoliday

Laurel Accent Chair.

You got this.  Wink wink double gun move.


Happy holidays and cheers to white and the staggering simplicity it brings to your home. xx



Read more on Design The Life You Want To Live by Lynne Knowlton.  Cheers!!


  1. Dear Lynne.

    I freaking heart you!

    Yes, style is always amazeballs, and so are those Laurel Chairs… however, I said it once and I will say it again.

    Your writing KILLS me. I really need to give you a double double gun move. So much love.


    1. Thanks Alex!! You rock out loud too! Cheers and thanks for the luuuuurve!!! Lynne xx

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