The Holiday Season is a time for celebrating, but if you (or some of your guests) would rather do so without alcohol, or you find yourself extremely pregnant like me, it’s always nice to have a beverage that makes you feel and look good as you raise your glass for a toast. Enter this red and green raspberry holiday mocktail recipe!

There isn’t much prep for this drink, so let’s get started on what you’ll need.

  • Raspberries
  • White cranberry juice
  • Sparkling water
  • Fresh mint for garnish
  • Optional: mint-infused syrup (not pictured below)
  • A food processor
  • Metal strainer (not pictured below)

  1. Put your raspberries in the food processor to make a puree. There will be seeds – lots and lots of seeds, so once that’s done, you’ll need to strain them through a metal strainer to get them all out. This makes the drink all the more enjoyable!
  2. When serving, gather all of your ingredients together so that drinks can be mixed on the spot. A simple tray, some small bowls and pitchers will do the trick!
  3. Now you’re ready to serve your pretty and festive red & green drinks! In a champagne glass (if you’re feeling fancy), add about 4 teaspoons of the raspberry puree.
  4. Next, fill about half of the glass with the white cranberry juice. This is where most of the sweetness comes into your drink because those raspberries alone won’t do it!
  5. Now you can go ahead and fill the glass almost all the way with sparkling water. I think this is the part that makes the drink feel a lot more like a grown up drink than just some fancy juice! It’s the perfect stand-in to champagne.
  6. This part is completely optional, but makes a huge difference! If you can get your hands on some mint-infused syrup, add just about a teaspoon to each drink and you get the sweetest hint of mint – literally It’s delightful!
  7. To make sure nothing is just sitting at the bottom (like the raspberry puree), mix your drink for a few seconds.
  8. Now add a sprig of mint to the top for garnish, and voila! You have yourself a colourful and sweet drink to celebrate the Holiday Season. To add another dash of festive, use mini tree ornaments around the stem of the glass!

Trust me when I say, you will absolutely not regret serving this drink to your guests, and having all of the ingredients out on a tray means you can have a little fun teaching them how to make their own for when they want a second – because they will!Do you have a favourite holiday drink? Would you try this one? It would be lovely with blackberries or strawberries too! Let us know in the comments which fruit you’d try this with!


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