A chat with our favourite designer Tiffany Pratt

When you meet Home To Win designer Tiffany Pratt you instantly feel her warmth. Her personality wraps you like a tight hug. So, if we were to go to any expert for tips on entertaining over the holidays, she is at the top of our list. Here are her favourite holiday traditions and her entertaining hacks.

Keep it Simple

“Let others take over least-loved tasks. For example, spending time in the kitchen is not one of my favourite things, so I order a special platter from my local grocer. That way, I support my community and get to devote more time doing what I love: decorating.”

Treasured Tradition

“My favourite holiday tradition is hanging a stocking on the mantel. It’s the one my mom gave me when I was a kid. It was filled with special plush socks and chocolates, things only she knew I loved. This has become part of the magic of the holidays.”

Stock Up

“It’s party season. And there’s a good chance there will be a last-minute gathering at my place. So I always have flavoured bubbly water on hand – and lots of it! I just serve it in a beautiful glass filled with ice. So simple, and everyone loves it. Plus, everybody can drink it, no matter their dietary restrictions.”


Make It Memorable

“Every year I plan a holiday activity for my niece and nephew. This year we’re making yarn Christmas trees.”

Make It Fun

“Every year I plan an activity for my niece and nephew. Soon everyone gathers round the table and participates. Glitter is often part of the action. It’s fun and creates memories – they bring out all the things they’ve made together, laugh and talk about the times they spent making them. This year we’re making these gorgeous yarn Christmas trees.”

Get Creative

“It’s all about the personal interaction rather than the ‘Martha’ moment. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from all the holiday obligations.

“Everyone should take the pressure off of themselves. If they don’t have the proper wrapping paper, use newspaper or just use great ribbons. If you don’t have Christmas cards, a New Year’s card will be as welcomed as a Christmas card.”

Mix It Up

“Rather than traditional flower arrangements, I love Ikebana – the art of Japanese flower arranging. Begin with a floral tray already prepped with pins. Fill with water and then put a stem on each pin. So easy! You just choose how high and how wide the arrangement will be. And it’s affordable because you don’t need a lot of flowers,
yet you get the look of a high-end floral shop. You can even add an over-sized feather or dried hydrangea – things you may already have on hand – to add to the mix and give it your own personal touch.

“People should think about what makes them happy rather than what’s on trend.”

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