The Holiday Season brings out the host in all of us, whether it be for huge family dinners or small friendly get-togethers. Either way, you want to be prepared for your guests, and that includes having a well-stocked bar cart. This doesn’t need to be anything beyond some simple staples, but they will make a huge difference and ensure that everyone feels right at home and has a great time!

What you’ll absolutely need
  • Fresh limes and lemons: garnish is important for delicious drinks, after all!
  • Bar tools: a shaker, ice bucket with tongs, a bar spoon, bottle opener, strainer and muddler.
  • A variety of glassware: think some short, some tall and stems to keep it simple.
  • Cocktail napkins and/or coasters.
  • Alcohol basics: wine, vodka, gin, bourbon, tequila and rum, and a little bubbly never hurt, either!
  • Non-alcoholic choices/mixers: sparkling water, fresh juice.
What you’ll want to make it all look good
  • A cute bowl or glass for your garnishes: go for something sparkly!
  • Paper straws in the colour scheme you’re going for: because they’re fun and useful!
  • Something to bring in colour: try a tall vase filled with colourful ornaments.
  • A little snack for your guests to grab while cocktails are mixed: something as simple as a bowl of roasted almonds will hit the spot.

With these essentials, your bar cart will not only impress your guests, but it will also look great. The best part? You won’t have to worry about constantly grabbing supplies since everyone can help themselves, and you might even have a little fun yourself!

And if you don’t have an official bar cart, make sure you rethink some furniture pieces that can double as one. Here are some great choices!


Now that you have no excuse not to have a beautiful and well-stocked bar cart, tell us in the comments what you might add to make your own bar cart special for your guests. We love hearing from you!


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