This year as we started creating our Hello Sunshine magazine, we knew we needed a way to share all the meaningful behind-the-scenes moments with our readers. We knew we wanted to go deeper and learn more about our talented and multi faceted team of creators.


So we decided to make a web series.


Travelling from coast to coast, our new series follows our team and shares a behind-the-scenes look at everything that goes into bringing Hello Sunshine to life. We are striving to be leaders in the shift in content by sharing real spaces, real people and real stories. We know that a room is never how it looks in a magazine; your living room has seen toddler tantrums, your kitchen is where pots & pans turn into music class… and your furniture has a front-row seat to laughter, stories…maybe even somebody’s first kiss.

We hope that after watching the series you’ll feel inspired to take on your own projects, and be proud of your own spaces… and that you’ll think of Leon’s as part of the family.


Our first two episodes are live, you can view them here! 

Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you can tune in to all our new upcoming episodes!

BTS Photography by Wild and Light.

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