Gen Z Yellow Mood Board

Gen Z Yellow is here and it’s challenging how you think about decor.

Is the Instagrammable muted palette trend over? Maybe, suggests this new trendy colour that is all about vibrancy and complementary colours. Gen Z Yellow is here to make a statement.

Admittedly, we’re not able to give up our love for ivory, grey and petal pink just yet. But when trend hunters and style soothsayers say Millennial Pink is out and Gen Z Yellow is in, you have to listen up.

Why the move to yellow? Vogue blames “millennial pink fatigue.” Man Repeller says it’s time for a new youthful hue, and “Yellow, by contrast, offers a bright, sobering respite from the barrage of over-saccharine bubblegum.” And Gen Z Yellow is a much more versatile colour than you might think. WWD reports: “Yellow is a primary color, and it is the basis for all other colors in the realm.”

But before we dive deep into what yellow furniture and accessories pieces we’re loving, we need to to clear one thing up. Gen Z Yellow isn’t a colour, but a colour trend.

There’s no Pantone name called Gen Z. In fact, it can be any yellow shade, from a mellow yellow cotton tee to bright, attitude-screaming boots. Egg yolk or lemon, it doesn’t matter. It’s all Gen Z Yellow. As long as it’s not pink. (That said – look above – yellow looks great with pink, too.)

Now that we know that Gen Z Yellow isn’t just the new Millennial Pink, it’s also the new black (it goes with everything!), it’s time to think about how to decorate indoors (and outside) with this sunny shade. Since it’s a summery colour, which is why we’re now seeing more about yellow, even though this whole Gen Z Yellow thing popped up last year.

Indoors, we love yellow as a good accent colour. It not only does it get the-best-seat-in-the-house attention (especially with this Elnora accent chair), but it’s the perfect colour for patio too.

Speaking of yellow, you have to check out the spring 2018 issue of Hello Yellow for more outdoor decor inspo.

Here are some colour trends right from Hollywood.



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