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Guest Room Makeover on HGTV Canada’s Home To Win, Episode 4

Guest rooms tend to be an afterthought. It’s often a room of hand-me-downs. But if you want to really make an impression and an all-round awesome host, you can pull together a guest room makeover that looks bed-and-breakfast-level style. And the latest HGTV Canada’s Home To Win design team achieved just that.

Less is more, and more space is always more!

Anyone who has renoed an older home knows that there are lots of walls and tiny rooms to break down to achieve our modern taste for comfortable, big, airy spaces. Design expert Samantha Pynn, builder Sebastian Clovis, interior designer Mia Parres and contractor Brian McCourt did just that with a full-scale renovation on the second floor. And that was a good thing. Did you see those bugs!?

And, as expected, the second floor was reconfigured into three larger areas: A guest room, a nook and a spa-style bathroom. The ottomans in the nook are a stylish way to add life and texture to what would have simply just been a long hallway. And with a bathroom the size of a bedroom, adding pieces of furniture you might put in a living room or bed room makes sense. The is bench perfect for a #selfcaresunday session. (Have you seen the after photos of the pool?)

But the guest room is where we took most of our décor cues!

Come on in, stay awhile

With total B&B vibes, there were touches of contemporary and “vintage” details. The Sanford Queen Bed overdressed with pillows and off-white linens perfectly suited the Ontario countryside where the actual “home” to win is located. (Plus, the price is pretty nice, too.) And the rustic dresser with its quirky, asymmetrical drawer set-up and weathered finish is so cozy.

The house is coming together nicely. Don’t you think?

Home to win episode 4 guest room makeover gramado dresser

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