Do you want to add natural elements to your space in the form of frilly textures and fun pops of color but lack the time and the know how to do so? Take the guess work out of displaying your next floral arrangement and fall in love with bright blooms in your space once again by using these simple and quick tips.

When we think flower arrangements we often think of over the top bouquets hand made by a knowledgeable Florist who is well aware that the botanical name of a peony is actually Paeonia suffruticosa. It is easy to get overwhelmed when wondering what flowers would look good together and how to display them in our homes. But sometimes, simple ideas have the biggest impacts.

That’s why, to take the guess work out of floral arrangements, I like to snag an already made bundle for the grocery store. Milk? Bread? Flowers? CHECK.

  Life is always evolving, as is the home. Seasonal blooms offer the easiest way to add texture and fun to a space. When I treat myself to a bouquet of flowers I don’t just put them in one vase and call it a day, instead I like to spread them all around our home for an instant decor change! Personally, I love to take apart a bouquet of flowers and separate each type of flower into groupings to see just what I am working with. A typical bouquet will be made up from three types of flowers or more; even though I don’t know their botanical names, I appreciate each and every bloom and like to give each flower their time to show off in our space.  By grouping like vases or jars in one spot, you too can create immediate interest to any corner of your home. Singularly displayed flowers placed together in vases or containers of varying heights can trick the eye into believing your simple grouping of is larger than it seems

Around here, where children and pets run wild and nothing is too precious, vases don’t have a long life expectancy. That is totally ok though. Unexpected vessels can come in the form of every day dishware and recycled jars. Around our house all the pretty bowls, mugs, juice pitchers and drink glasses are up for consideration when displaying flowers. If you don’t use your Grandma’s tea cup as often as you like, simply dust it off and use it to hold a large singular flower. Display it for all to see! Grandma will love it too.

Larger vases are great for showing of your flowers, but often times the flowers can shift and turn and end up crowded in a corner, kind of like the morning subway commute. Simply add some tape in a grid form on the top of your container and insert each stem into a designated space. Play around with height and types of flowers and don’t be afraid to move this secured display from indoors to outdoors with minimal change.

Lastly, try to personalize your grocery store flowers by adding interest to the base of any clear glass containers. Simply add items like your rock collection from last years beach trip to the bottom of them, or get the whole family involved and see what items the kids would like to include. A layer of marbles or colorful beads can easily add a playful element to the base of any container. To finish off your flower display, fill your container up with water and add some floating flowers to the top of your creation.

The special little ones in your life will be guaranteed to have a good time creating along side you! As an added bonus, they may just remind you, or whoever is picking up groceries next, to treat the whole family to some pretty blooms.

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