Modern tropical is a lovely new decor trend that hits all the right spots. It’s light and airy. It’s easy to maintain with a real lived-in living space. And you won’t likely get sick of it too soon, because the neutral tones ground the touches of green. So this green mood board is meant to inspire home decor that will have your guests green with envy.

Modern Tropical

A green mood board can go wrong quickly. And the trouble is the balance of cool and warmth within the green colour to begin with. (It is half yellow and half blue, after all.) But the key to using green in home decor is around the neutrals you anchor the green with – especially with a monstera green. (If you’re daring enough, here’s how to use green with yellow.)

Opt for soft wheat tones, earthy woods, textured fabric (think upholstery and throw pillows) and silhouettes that mix comfort and modernity together with ease.

Here are our green mood board picks:

Derbyshire Sofa: The diamond tufting and pleated rolled arms add subtle glam to a modern tropical room.

Oslo Tables: The round tables give ease and comfort to moving around. But the slanted legs are all about style – that mid-century modern trend. Which is why we also added the Boyton table to our green mood board.

Decorative Lamps: Not all lighting is created equally. Opt for table lamps that add visual appeal to your decor through sculpted bases and oversized shades.

Hits of Monstera Green: According to Pantone, “Greenery is nature’s neutral.” So don’t worry stress about using green like you would any other colour. Here, we’ve used the lively hue in the cushions, pillows, wall art and even with the paint on the walls. You could go further with some green in the rug, too!

Green mood board theme featuring Derbyshire sofa
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