When our teen son recently moved down to the basement, our daughter was eager to take over his old bedroom. But first it needed a makeover to take it from a rough and tumble boy’s room to a beautiful teen girl’s room.AKA Design Girl's Room Makeover BeforeAKA Design Girl's Room Makeover Before 2We wanted to keep the cost of the makeover to a minimum – after all we only finished the room our two girls were sharing last year. And since we had doubles of some things, there was no reason to replace things like duvet covers and curtains. We simply moved them over from the shared bedroom.

Our daughter has loved pink from the day she was born. Some other colors have come and gone as favorites, but pink has always been a constant.AKA Design Girl's Room Makeover Blog 5Nevertheless, we wanted the mainstay pieces to be neutral just in case. Plus warm neutrals will grow with her as she transitions into adulthood. But nice warm neutrals – not the 70’s vibe we previously had going in our son’s room!
AKA Design Girl's Room Makeover Blog 2So, using pieces from the Chris mushroom colored bedroom set and existing pink linens as the starting point, this room is now totally ready for it’s new occupant.
AKA Design Girl's Room Makeover Blog 1
If you are doing a makeover and want to keep the costs down, here are a few money-saving ideas for you:

  • Look at the room and see what you can reuse. Shelves, duvets, lamps, etc. can often be carried from one room to the next. Curtain rods and blinds can be reused too. That way you can save your budget for nice furniture.
  • Start with neutral colors for the large pieces. Grays, taupes, whites and wood tones in furniture will last for years to come. You can always swap out the small items if you want a color refresh later.
  • Hang party decor or string lights to add a bit of whimsy to your space without a high price tag.

What do you think? Do you utilize neutrals in the main items in a room? What’s your favorite neutral to use for furniture?


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