When we first moved to our little old house I was sure that my daughters would never share a bedroom together. There were three bedrooms, so in my mind plenty of space for everyone. Looking at my tiny newborn and my vigorous toddler I couldn’t imagine how these two could sleep in one bedroom. Fast forward two years, and here we are: my girls are sharing a bedroom together, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

What has changed? First, we decided to transform the downstairs bedroom in to a real playroom. So we’ve moved her old twin bed in to the nursery. Second, they ended up as close as they possibly could have. They wanted to see each other first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. So here we are now, my two daughters are sharing what was once Rose’s nursery.

They couldn’t be happier, but I wanted to really make it work. Lili was sleeping in my husband’s old childhood bed, and Rose was getting to big for her crib. There was no need for a changing table as that was taking too much space, and they needed a better access to their clothes. So it was time for a change.

I really wanted to get the furniture that will accommodate their growing bodies and that would stand the test of time. Also, since they’re quite close in age, I wanted to unify their room so there wouldn’t be any place for jealousy but still leaving the space for individuality.That’s why I decided to get them matching white beds. Since white makes any space look bigger and is a perfect canvas for any pop of color they might love in the future. And as for the mattress it was very important for me to get the mattress that will provide a proper support. So I decided to go with the Simmons Prince Edward mattress, that are exclusive to Leon’s, have great warranty (at least 10 years), and are all pocket coil mattresses, made right here in Canada. Also, these mattresses will conform to every unique body type, size and weight and will stay comfortable and supportive year after year. I say its a win!As for the nightstand I needed a piece of furniture that would fit in our limited space, simple and practical, with a drawer for each of the girls.

Lastly,  I wanted to finally get rid of the changing table so I organized their closet in to a pretty nook, with their new dresser in it, big enough to fit both of their clothes.I took out the closet doors, painted the inside in Lili’s favorite purplish color, figuring that it’ll contrast nicely with the all-while dresser. And honestly, I could’t be any happier.

And if you’d ask Lili and Rose what is that they like the most in their new room, they’ll say its the matching big girl beds! They love reading on them, always together, switching sides and they love falling asleep seeing one another in the same bed. I love seeing how their bond and connection is growing thanks to it!

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