Where the best seat at the table is really any seat next to each other.

Imagine for a moment having grown up in a household of eight. Hectic, right? Yet as busy as my parents were tending to our family farm, they always maintained that we all enjoy mealtime together. Whether that meant eating at six on the dotor at nine if my mother’s work at the barn took longer than usualwe always ate together. Never in front of a TV and never grabbing fast food on the go.

The dinner table is where we started our days together over a glass of milk straight from the cow, and where we ended our nights, fighting over who got the last dinner roll. It’s where we’d laugh and chat about our day, indulge in a roast (from a hog we raised ourselves), and pass the food we didn’t like under the table to my sister who’d slip away to get rid of it. And when we weren’t having mealtime, it was the spot we piled mountains of folded laundry, did homework, blew out birthday candles and cooled countless racks of freshly baked bread and homemade cookies on Sundays. The dining room brought us together.

Now with a family of my own, while my three don’t quite fill up chairs in the same way we did growing up, it’s just as important to me that I raise them with the same appreciation for unplugged family time. The dining table remains the place where five conversations happen at once, where peas are passed, and where card games are played.

But romantics aside, there are a few differences: As a restaurateur, not all of our meals are enjoyed at home. So when we have an evening to come together around a dish made on our own stove, it’s important to me that the focus be on spending quality time together. For me, that meant swapping my dining room with my living room (which is a more intimate and private space with less distractions). That means no TVs or kitchen messes in sight keeping our focus on each other!

Check out the space before

Lived in clutter.  No real home for anything, and not terribly inviting. 

In addition to valuing our time as a family, we enjoy entertaining. As we’re situated near the lake we often have friends pop in to say “hello” after a day at the beach. The extra storage that the Thompson Server offers allows room to keep our many tasty local wines and craft beers on hand, which are the perfect starter to an impromptu dinner party! Pull out a few blocks of artisan cheese and seasonal garnishes, cut up a baguette and whip together some homemade peach sangria and your guests will think you had it planned all along.

Our new dining room is so functional for our family’s needs
and pretty, too. Now, rather than fighting over the last dinner roll, my family fights over who gets to sit at the head of the table in the comfy Laurel Chair!



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