I recently had my kitchen renovated and I’ve finally been able to enjoy the fruits – or rather, the cookies – of my labour.

My Nonna came over to give her Italian seal of approval on my kitchen and my new Frigidaire appliances. Together, we prepared some celebratory crostoli (ribbon pastries). And as anyone who knows my Nonna can guess, it was a day not without plenty of laughs and Nonna’s infamous hilarious commentary (enjoy a few quips from her below).

Needless to say, she gave her own version of approval and was pleased with my new kitchen renovation. And she definitely noticed and how much easier food prep was, thanks to my new appliances.

We made great use of their special features for things like melting butter in the microwave, chilling dough quickly in the cool drawer in the new fridge, controlling the heat on the gas range. And the best part? Not having to hand wash all of the messy dishes we used to put it all together in the dishwasher.

I spent the rest of my Sunday munching away on the golden goodness, but I won’t keep it all to myself. The best part about baking, cooking and hosting is sharing what you have with others, so with the Holiday’s around the corner, I thought I’d share my Nonna’s recipe for Italian Crostoli.

Functional Kitchen Appliance-Buying Notes

The secret to a kitchen that impresses – and not just Nonna – is appliances that go beyond their expected duties. Look below for links to purchase the functional kitchen appliances featured here.

A dishwasher that searches for stuff to clean. This one has a third-level rack, so you can actually wash more dishes. No more waiting to do multiple loads. And it has extra jets on the top rack to get those hard to reach spots.
Frigidaire Professional Dishwasher

A microwave that does more than reheat food. This microwave is a cook’s dream. It has all the convenience of a microwave (settings and speed), but the functions of a convection oven (tasty food). And, it doubles as a hood, too.
Frigidaire Professional Over-the-Range Microwave

A range that monitors your food. Nothing worse than cutting into a dish to find that it’s not fully cooked – or having to cut into a dish and ruin the presentation. This range features a temperature probe to keep an eye on the temperature of what you’re cooking. Plus, it features a simmer burner, specifically for temp-sensitive foods.
Frigidaire Professional Gas Convection Range

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