Nothing compares to the  magical  glow of a Christmas trees.The lights reminding us of hope, love and peace. But you can recreate that same beautiful glow in other ways by incorporating Christmas lights around your home. Here is how:

1. Place inside cloche or glass jar

Battery operated lights are great to place inside jars or under a cloche. Set on the table, counter top, shelf etc.

2. Wrap around a wreath 

Take some faux fur and wrap it around a wreath form. Secure with pins. Wrap some Christmas lights around it and voila!

3. Wall Art Marquee DIY

Using gold or green paint, paint a simple tree on a canvas. With a sharp utility knife and pierce small slits throughout tree. Flip canvas around and poke lights through slits. These look beautiful on a mantel or hanging on a wall.

4. Use as photo or art display

Hang lights across the wall using command hooks, use clothespins to hang photos, art or Christmas cards.

5. Wrap around bed posts or along headboard

I love the idea of wrapping lights around bed posts or along the headboard of foot board. The best part is that you can leave these up all year round. How pretty right?

I hope you found these ideas useful and that they inspire you to create your own Christmas magic!

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