When life changes and you need a space to change.

One of the most important (and wildly overlooked) considerations when it comes to designing a home is actually what you can’t see: how a space functions for those who live in it. Pretty is one thing, but a home that supports your ebbing and flowing lifestyle and makes your day-to-day more effortless is a real thing of beauty.

Before I stumbled into my career as a TV host and HGTV personality, I was a freelance designer and illustrator. I woke up when I woke up—and style-wise, I heavily leaned athleisure (AKA I wore pajamas–nice pajamas, mind you, but pajamas nonetheless). My morning routine involved rolling out of bed, whipping on a hat and tapping on some mascara. And my home catered to that lifestyle perfectly.

Flash-forward to now and I am now faced with tons of “real clothes”, more makeup and accessories than I know what to do with and call-times and meetings at 5am, 7am, or 7pm. A year ago, storage for clothes and makeup and having a dedicated spot to get ready was simply not a priority. Now? It’s a necessity.

Big or small, any life change tends to affect other aspects of your life. And often, one of those things is your home. With this career shift, I started keeping my clothes in my office so I could get ready without waking my sleeping fiance and pup and I used my iPhone flashlight to navigate through the house in the AM because all of my ceiling lights were too bright to bear. That’s when I faced the music: that spare bedroom that previously housed all of our overflow crap needed to be stripped down and dressed-up so I could do the same myself. So began my mission to create a dedicated dressing room.

I know what you must be thinking: “A whole room, just for me and my clothes and makeup?! How marvelous!” My initial thoughts exactly, but on the flip-side, it wasn’t the most inspiring space (and certainly not the biggest). Both for resale and because, well, my life tends to shift gears often, I didn’t want to commit to building a permanent clothes storage system. I wanted it keep it flexible because who’s to say in a year or so we don’t need it to function for another purpose: say, another office, or (dare I say it) a nursery.

The long and short of it (pun intended) is that the room is just shy of 9′ by 9′. It has one window, one door, and one small closet, leaving just two walls available for housing storage. And the path into the space? It’s down a narrow hallway with an equally narrow doorway, so fitting any one massive piece was a no-go.

Lucky for me, I found the Pine Hill collection. I’m not usually one for sets, but given the small space and the fact that I could only fit a handful of furniture pieces, having continuity material-wise in the larger items allowed me to have some fun introducing a mix of other textures and colours through small décor items and accessories. And speaking of colour, I painted the walls in dark green—Benjamin Moore’s Lafayatte Green to be exact—to amp up the moodiness.

In the end, my dressing room feels like a little escape and has become a place that fosters easier mornings. It’s cozy, cute and best of all, it finally gives me the function I so desperately need!



Pine Hill Door Chest

Pine Hill Night Table

Benjamin Moore’s Lafayatte Green

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