I can remember being a little girl and watching, completely fascinated, by my Grandmother’s swift hands as she folded and tucked gift wrap carefully and lovingly around a flat rectangular gift box. I had the important duty of handing her scotch tape and to this day that smell brings back, like a flood, those memories of sitting on her living room floor happily relishing in my job as her wrap assistant. I dutifully held down folds and edges with my little fingers while she smoothed out shiny paper and tied up pretty bows. She was a gift wrapping extraordinaire and I was in awe of her amazing expertise.

She taught me from her humble living room that there is more to it than meets the eye when a gift is wrapped. There are songs sung, and silly jokes made, and tape that gets folded into itself by accident, but above it all, thought and care is essential when wrapping up a gift.

I inherited a constant eye for detail from my sweet 90-year-old Grandmother, but her gift-wrapping patience I am still honing.

So, every time I wrap a gift, I don’t try to make a gift perfect, instead I try to think of ways to personalize my gifts so that if they aren’t as flawless as Grandma’s presents are, at least they will be remembered for their undeniable uniqueness.

Five Different Ways To Personalize A Gift

  1. Save your old Christmas cards and reuse them as gift tags. Simply cut them to size, punch a whole in the corner of each and attach with a pretty ribbon or string of your choosing.
  2. Attach something sentimental in place of a traditional bow. (I wrap my best friend’s gifts in tea towels as her late grandmother always did for her!) Think how to make a gift sentimental and go for it! This year I attached a hand made stitched doily to the top of my Mother’s gift. I know she loves vintage everything so in place of a bright bow I added a doily center to her gift by attaching it with ribbon through the inner loops of the piece and tying it on to her gift.
  3. Make a fun paper present topper. I simply cut and folded craft paper into triangles, punched holes through the corners and threaded string through them to create bunting. No time? No problem? You can pick up bunting at your favorite craft store and attach.
  4. Use thick pretty lace to wrap your gift. This will add a feminine touch to your gift. Bonus points if the lace is repurposed from a crafting project. Hot glue a faux flower on in place of a bow.
  5. Personalize your gift with your recipient’s first initial. You can find individual letters at craft stores or at dollar stores fairly easily. Simply attach the letter with pretty ribbon.

Or, if time is running out and all else fails, use my family’s tried, true and thrifty alternative by wrapping your gift with the newspaper’s comic section!  Everyone can always use a laugh! Just like Grandma and I use to do while wrapping gifts from her living room floor.

It’s not about how expensive your wrapping paper is or how many gorgeous bows you can afford to top a gift with. The idea of gift wrapping is simple. A little extra care goes a long way and personalizing things is always best.

Now tell the truth, how many of you have ever wrapped or received a gift wrapped with your favorite comic strip? If so, what one was it? Archie and Betty? Calvin and Hobbes? Charlie Brown?????

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