Get more from your backyard with a fire table

The warmth a fire table gives can extend your backyard season from the cool evenings of spring, straight through until the first snow fall of winter. And, a fire table anchors a conversation area and provides a focal point in your yard. Finally, don’t forget another perk – roasting marshmallows!

Fire tables come in a variety of styles, like the Paradise Trail Bar Height Outdoor Dining Set with Fire Pit, or the Beachcroft – Outdoor Fire Pit Table. The most common fuel sources are natural gas, propane and wood. Let’s look at what you need to know before you buy one:

Natural Gas

  • Strong heat source and flames
  • Easy to light
  • Inexpensive compared to other fire pits
  • Convenient: a gas line is plumbed to your house
  • No smoke or ash residue
  • Very safe: readily-controlled flames
  • Available in a wide variety of design styles
  • Gas line hookup requires professional installation (although many new-build homes include this feature)


  • Easy to light
  • Convenient – propane is stored in a tank
  • No smoke or ash residue
  • Can be relocated as there is no gas line
  • Very safe – readily-controlled flames
  • Look for models with a natural gas conversion valve (All Leon’s propane fire pits come with one!)
  • Available in a wide variety of design styles
  • Less heat output than natural gas or wood
  • Fuel tank requires regular refills


  • Strong heat source and flames
  • Offers a traditional campfire experience
  • Check your local bylaws, as wood pits are banned in many urban municipalities;
  • Smoke can trigger asthma or allergic reactions in some people
  • Regular clean-up of ash and smoke residue
  • Potentially dangerous – flames are harder to control, flying sparks increase fire risk to property
  • Fuel source requires storage space

Beachcroft Outdoor Fire Pit Table - Beachcroft  Table de jardin avec foyer intégré

Fire Safety – How To Enjoy Fire Tables Without Getting Burned

On a quest for fire? Stay safe and warm with our fire pit tips:

DO check local bylaws before purchasing a fire table. Wood-burning fire pits, fireplaces and chimineas are banned in some municipalities.

DON’T try installing a gas line yourself. It’s a job for qualified pros!

DO explore the complete Leon’s Outdoor Collection to find the right fire table for your outdoor space!

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