This wreath started with a peaceful trek through the woods,  inspiring the natural look.

Making the evergreen wreath itself was pretty straightforward. Although I was a bit of a sticky mess when I was done!  The branches also poked me quite a bit, so next time I might wear light gardening gloves. However for finicky work like this, having as much dexterity as possible makes the project easier.

  • Metal wreath frame (24″)
  • Green floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Gardening sheers
  • Feathers
  • Clip on birds
  • Glittery faux foliage stems
  1. I started by using gardening sheers to clip a a bundle of branches.
  2. Then I cut those branches into smaller pieces.
  3. I grabbed a bunch of these pieces, arranged them on the wreath form so that all of the metal was covered, and then secured them at the base with green floral wire.  To do this, I cut a small piece of wire and brought both ends across the branches and then to the back of the frame, twisting them securely:
  4. I found that it was easiest to use small, individual pieces of wire and work my way around the wreath, bunch by bunch.  I wanted a really natural looking wreath so I kept the arrangement loose.
  5. When I was finished, I accented the wreath with feathers – some found in my yard, and some purchased at the craft store.  Foraged feathers were first popped in a ziploc bag and placed in the freezer (to kill any bugs) before being washed in dish soap.  I also added some shimmering faux stems and then clipped on a cluster of sweet little birds.  Accents can be affixed using the same wire method described above, or even by using a dab of hot glue.

The wreath is so full and lush – and smells amazing.  Mix up the kind of evergreen branches, accents used, and make it any size, which means this wreath can be 100% your style! Adorned with ornaments, it could even step in for a traditional tree in cramped quarters, because it evokes the same warm feelings as a real holiday tree, thanks to that delightful aroma.

Do you put up a wreath in your home?

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