A Family Room Design That Will Maximize Your Family Time

Family Time Family Room Home To Win

Family Time Has Never Looked So Good

The family room reveal on HGTV Canada’s Home To Win proved that design does matter – especially when it comes to family time.

My design eye learned a few tricks from Episode 7, and the approach to this family room really homed in on how we spend time in such a space. And how a room can really influence how we interact.

Here are four ways to bring summer into your living room.

A Games Room That Isn’t Very Gamey

There is more style than kitsch in this “rec” room. And it doesn’t feel like a room that’s separate from the rest of the house. It doesn’t feel like a room that you won’t ever use in the summer. It’s bright. It’s colourful. (Thanks Tiffany Pratt!)

While I do love spending my downtime on a sectional, I learned that not all family rooms require one. In the HGTV Canada’s Home To Win family room, showed a new way to set up such a space. The way the seating is arranged, those who spend time here will be facing each other, instead of being nose-deep in tablet or cell. Even when it’s movie night! And the use of two coffee tables is smart. The Passerina sofas and the Leenea accent chairs frame the tables, making it the perfect spot in the house for Scrabble or Monopoly. Family time never looked so good.

Thinking Outside Of The Boxy Family Room

This really is a lesson in rethinking how we approach furniture and the expectations we have of certain pieces. When you want a square table, two glass rectangle tables will do (actually the Vegas coffee table). Same with the above mentioned sofa and chairs. And you’ll see cheeky hints of twos throughout the room, like the two mirrors and these two lamps. There’s a subtle sense of belonging in the space that’s not overly matchy-matchy.

It’s not a room that you move old-but-still-good-enough living room furniture into. It’s a very livable and gorgeous space.

We didn’t bring up one high-maintenance family member. The family pet! Here’s how to keep your house clean when you’ve got shedding pets.

Here’s another peek inside the family room. It’s another board game-friendly area with a chic but comfy dinette.