Our family room is one of (if not the) most used rooms in our house as it’s on the main floor and open to the kitchen (the hub of the home!).  During the winter months, we love to sit in this room as a family to watch tv (there’s nothing better than the holiday television classics), play board games and read books. It may have something to do with the fact that this room houses the fireplace!  After dinner, we dim the kitchen lights, turn on the tree lights, cozy up with a delicious beverage and blanket and max relax.This room is also where we do the most of our entertaining during the holidays, it’s certainly a gathering spot!  The family room is where our guests sit and chat with us while we finish prepping dinner/snacks and where we all take a seat once dinner is over.  Having multiple seating options (hello 3-in-1 ottoman!) and a variety of blankets is key so that everyone is comfy.  There used to only be a few good seats in the family room to watch tv, and our old chairs were way too large for the space (take note: knowing the size of your space and paying attention to the size of furniture when shopping is vital!).  We were very limited on how we could position the chairs and the tv itself was on the smaller side, which wasn’t ideal.  Our goal with the makeover was to make this room all that it could be!We really wanted to brighten up the space and paid close attention to the chairs dimensions (lesson learned the hard way!).  The Klein chairs in Ivory were the perfect solution.  The colour was not only right, but we absolutely loved the fact that the also featured beautiful sloping arms. I know what you’re thinking!  Light coloured furniture in a home with kids and where you entertain?!  The fabric of these chairs have been treated in a way to help reduce stains setting in and well, we think it’s totally possible to have light coloured furniture and children.  Accidents happen, that’s for sure, but with a little care, we’ll make the combo work!With the room being rectangular, we had quite a bit of space to fill, the Iver entertainment unit (at over 100” long with all three sections) was the answer to our dilemma.  With open shelving, sliding doors (that are meant to look like drawers) and glass cabinets (that light up beautifully at night thanks to built in bulbs), this unit had all of the storage space that we needed.  Our record player, board games, favourite books and more, all have new homes!We really wanted to create a great television watching experience in this room.  After some research, we decided that the stunning curved Samsung television was the perfect choice.  The picture is absolutely incredible and all of the features and functions are extremely user (and kid) friendly, an added bonus.  Signing into our favourite apps couldn’t be easier!  I feel that the fact that it’s curved, softens the overall look of the television, which is nice because you don’t want it to command all of the attention.  The curved screen also means that there is not longer a bad seat in the room!  It’s a complete win!

I can’t help but to feel a little nostalgic when the tree is lit and the holiday shows are playing in this new space.  Seeing the kids sitting in the family room watching shows that were my favourites growing up.  It’s incredible!  Christmas is certainly my favourite time of the year and having the family together, is priceless.Which holiday shows or movies are  your favourites?

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