Episode 2: What deck dreams are made of

The first episode of season 3 showed the big reveal for the exterior of the home. And for episode 2, HGTV Canada’s Home To Win kept us all outside – on the deck!

Have you ever had deck envy? Well, this episode defined “deck envy” for me. I mean, that is what summer is all about. It’s enjoying the summer evenings, hot Saturday and Sunday afternoons at home. Perhaps a glass of wine in hand. Feet up. And taking it all in to appreciate what you work hard for: Your home and family.

So my eyes were stuck to the screen as the HGTV Canada’s Home To Win team reinvigorated the patio and yard. Landscaper Carson Arthur and deck master Paul Lafrance really transformed an unkempt yard into a breezy property, while still keeping the country feel intact.

It’s a fine balance to do that. I’ve found that too often people will completely haul over a space without seeing the beauty in what they’re working with. And that’s what is so great about this season of Home To Win. It feels doable. Achievable. And smart.

Have a seat

Part of the “stylish and functional outdoor oasis” is the outdoor patio pieces selected. The modern and sleek lines hint at an urban living. It’s not cheap or uncomfortable.

The patio set is the Monroe set. It’s a beautiful silhouette that’s classic and at the same time unexpected. The cushions are shaped in a modern way, that still looks comfortable. And when accessorized properly, it is as gorgeous as any room inside your house.

But what really makes this “outdoor room” on Home To Win a real treat is the warmth it can offer on cool nights. That’s because of the Maya fire column. Not all of us can have a fire pit or want to deal with lawn candles toppling over. (Who does, really?) It’s just the added ambiance the deck needed. Great job Home To Win!

patio layout: design your patio with the monroe set

While we have your attention…

ICYMI, here is what happened on HGTV Canada’s Home To Win season 3 premier.

This was the overall décor theme last year. Will it be the same with the new season?

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