As a child my siblings and I spent hours playing board games, traditional checkers was one of our favourites! Can you believe my children learned to play on the very same checkerboard I did?!  A handmade wooden checkerboard will last for years, and they are so easy to make!  Checkers is the perfect game for any school age child, they can compete at the coffee table or take it out on the porch on a beautiful summer day to take on their rival. Give this Easy DIY Checkerboard a try!


  • 12 -15” pine board 
  • painters tape
  • craft paint or spray paint
  • 24 Wooden game pieces (found at a craft store)
  • measuring tape
  • craft knife

If you don’t own a saw have the hardware store cut the pine board square.  Sand edges of the board if necessary. Using painter’s tape, create a grid pattern.  Leaving a small border around the edge of the checkerboard.  The grid needs to be 8 squares by 8 squares. * (If you’d rather the alternating squares to be a color rather than natural wood, you must paint the entire board a solid color first).



Once your taped grid is in place, use a craft knife to cut away the alternating squares to make the checker pattern. Use the tip of your craft knife to gently peel up the unwanted squares. You can mark the ones to lift with a star so you don’t make a mistake.


Spray paint or brush paint the uncovered squares. This may require a few coats if you’ve chose to leave the board natural like the one in the photo.

Apply a coat of paint to the game pieces. 12 of two different colors. Allow to dry.

Once the paint on the grid has had time to dry, gently peel up the edge of the remaining tape squares.

You may wish to put a coat of clear varnish over the entire board so the color will last for years to come.

Game on!

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