When it comes to my own decor style, I never quite know how to put it into words. Like many, I’m influenced by everything from fashion trends, content found on my favorite blogs, the movies and music I watch and listen to, and, well, even by what shows up in my Instagram and Pinterest feeds.

As someone who derives inspiration from multiple places, creating personas and pulling together mood boards is one of the best way I know how to make design choices within my own home with confidence, and is also a great way to visualize how to use and what to pair with certain furniture pieces. Welcome to Dress My Domain, a mini-series in which I’ll be exploring different home design personas based on popular trends in fashion, home decor, pop culture and more! This week’s DMD features a calm, cool and collected aesthetic.


Just like your favorite pair of baggy blue jeans and tried and true white tee, these furniture and decor picks are the ultimate crowd-pleasers, pairing blue and white/off-white hues with relaxed fabrics and textures. These picks may not seem to speak to each other when seen separately, but paired with the right tie-in accessories and you’ll discover a style that’s understated and subtle while still packing a punch of style and function, all with comfort top of mind. Enjoy!


Check out the source links and descriptions below.


1. Medina Convertible Sofa: Is there anything more suave than a relaxed, modern couch in a rich linen fabric that doubles as a bed for overnight guests? 

2. Throw pillows are a great way to add colour to any space. It’s all about high-quality simplicity. [Visit your local Leon’s to see the selection.]

3. Give plants the same attention as decor! No matter the room, a whiff of nature adds visual interest, makes it feel homier and cleans the air. Win-win.

4. Elm Street Mirror: Simple square shape meet wood material? A match made in heaven.

5. Maya Ivory Area Rug: I’m all for bold colour, but when it comes to rugs, neutral, high-pile and textural is my ultimate preference which lets you build on to it with whatever colorful pieces you like.

6. Majorca Ottoman: Pairing a leather ottoman with a fabric sofa offers you the opportunity to play with textures elsewhere in the room. And let’s be honest, ottomans can get dirty easily, so leather is a great, easy-to-clean option for the heavy traffic of feet, pets and food.

7. PARA Paints: Pinstripe (mid-tone blue), Chrysler Hall White (white with blue undertone), and Out For a Stroll (a creamier color to tie it together).

8. Whitman Queen Storage Bed: This bed takes the name “calm, cool and collected” quite literally in regards to the latter. With ample storage, this bed appears modern, sleek and textured on the outside while keeping all of your linens, PJs or off-season clothes out of sight and out of mind.

9. Passerina Chair: I’m never one for matchy-matchy sets, so I’d pair the couch with these two side chairs in differing shades of blue.

10. Mackenzie Chair: Club chairs are simply classic, but done in a fun, rich colour and it goes from grandma’s house to modern.

11. I love lamp(s)! This combination of white, linen-y lamp shades with tinted, imperfect glass is irresistible. [Visit your local Leon’s to see the selection.]

12: Natura End Table: With a raw wood edge, this table is on-trend while still being timeless.

13. I’m a bit faux-taxidermy-obsessed myself, so this artificial skull is beckoning for me. [Visit your local Leon’s to see the selection.]

14. Lantern White Wine ServerThis style is all about balance and pairing contrasting pieces for a more laid-back atmosphere. This bar cart features glass and chrome, which is the perfect balance to natural materials such as wood and linen.

15. Underwater World Wallpaper: A luxe, wallpaper can add drama and interest to an otherwise boring room. I love this number which is both neutral and eclectic.

16. You can’t create a calm, cool and collected room without plenty of throws and blankets! This chevron chenille beauty is wondrous. [Visit your local Leon’s to see the selection.]


If you’re still stumped on how to incorporate this trend into your own home, remember the basics: stick to neutral shades, err on the side of texture, and have fun with blue hues when it comes to artwork and decorative accessories! Be sure to check back here next week for the second post in the Dress My Domain series which will explore another hot trend in the form of the colour (or lack thereof) grey! Is there a popular trend you would like to see explored in this series? Please leave a comment below and let us know! 

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