Store-bought wreaths are great in a pinch, but nothing beats making your own using live and dried plants of your choosing. Using a store-bought wire wreath template, you can weave in any dried herb or live plant you like — and the best part is it takes just 15 minutes to make!

  • An assortment of plants/herbs (dried eucalyptus, silver dollars, boxwood, ivy, etc).
  • 1 wire wreath template
  • Floral wire
  • Twine (optional)
  1. Gather your materials. I’m using some dried plants I bought from Michael’s in combination with clippings I took from a boxwood bush in my garden. The best part it you can customize the plants your use to your liking!
  2. Select the plant you’d like to use as your base plant and weave it in and out of the wire wreath template. This plant will be covered up the most, so make sure to choose something you want to fall into the background, rather than front and center. I chose to use my white dried flowers as the base. In general, with all plants used in this exercise, it’s important to ensure they all face and flow in the same direction.
  3. Be sure to separate tiny sections of the plant out so you maintain a consistent cover across the entire circle. Above is after weaving tightly, so if your wreath looks like this, pull and fluff the end sections out a bit to make them look more “fluffy”.
  4. This is what your wreath will look like once you pass over the entire circle with your base plant. At this point, you can go in with your next plant of choice, remembering to tuck and weave in the same direction as the other plant. Don’t worry about making it too neat or tidy, the more hap-hazard, the better in my opinion! You can tuck any end pieces in and secure with floral wire later.
  5. After layering and layering, your wreath should be coming together (and making a mess in the process)! At this stage, I liked the simplicity of the wreath, so I decided to finish it off by tucking in sprigs of live boxwood.
  6. Now comes time to tidy up. Turn your wreath over and secure any loose pieces and ends to the wire template with green floral wire.
  7. And voila, you’re finished! If you have a wreath hanger or prefer to secure it right onto a hook, you can hang it up and enjoy! I decided to attach a simple twine string to my wreath for hanging on my front door.

In under half an hour and by spending $10 at your local craft store, you too can have a great, customized wreath made from dried plants and herbs!

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