Our twin boys will be 1 year old this December and I have never hung a mobile for them. Seriously. Never. I made one with the best of intentions, and when I realized I needed to make a second, my tired mama body said “no, thank you” and so no mobile was ever hung. I realize now that a mobile would simply be a challenge in their eyes to see who could hang from it/eat it first (because all things go in their tiny mouths these days), and so I gave up on the mobile thing. Until I realized how useful it could be if used somewhere other than above their cribs! Enter this DIY Winter mobile!

One day, while trying to change diapers without anyone falling off the change pad or rolling over and making a giant mess, I haphazardly hung up a toy by its ears, and I very very quickly realized that it actually worked! They were intrigued enough by it to look up rather than off behind me, or at their toes, or try to face-plant onto the floor. I knew that once we moved and got their nursery done, we needed a new mobile. Well, here it is!The best part about this is that I only had to make one, and if I did need to make two, I wouldn’t even be mad about it because this was so darn easy!

  • A twig (yeah, seriously)
  • Some Holiday ornaments
  • Clear string (like the stuff you used when you were little to make jewelry)
  • A small hook
  • Some picture-hanging wire
  1. To start, choose ornaments for your mobile. I picked two animal ones, some simple white shapes, an “L” and “J” ornaments since they’re the boys’ initials and two felt ornaments to have lots of shapes and textures up there. Also a little sparkle never hurts. Babies like shiny things!
  2. Now, remove whatever string/ribbon you may have on your current ornaments and replace them with the clear string. I used about 2 feet of string for each of my ornaments because I didn’t know how high or low I’d want to hang them yet.
  3. Next, it may be easier to hang your twig first. For this, all you need is to wrap the wire around either end and loop it through your hook. The beauty of using the wire is that if your mobile is a little heavier on one side, you can easily balance and bend the wire on the spot you need to make it all nice and straight.
  4. Now you can get ready to hang your ornaments, and all you need to do it tie some knots and get hanging. You can simply eyeball the lengths at this point.
  5. Once you have everything where you think you’d like it, check your wire to make sure things are still nice and straight, and you’re all set! Seriously, it’s done!

A little word of advice: Make sure the mobile is high enough that little hands won’t be able to reach when lying down or sitting up on the change pad.

The best part about this is that I can change what’s hanging on the mobile seasonally, which will likely also be a necessity because these boys are sure to get bored of looking at the same things!If you want to see a bit more, check out the rest of the nursery and how I painted a mountain mural, too!

So mamas, I’m open to suggestions. What would you hang on a mobile for your little ones? Let me know in the comments!

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