These colourful, stylish watercolour pillows are so fun and easy to make! Using tools you can find lying around your home, and a little creativity you can have beautiful watercolour inspired pillows in just minutes. The children will love helping to create the design and the best part is, no drawing or colouring talent required!


  • Solid color cotton throw pillow case
  • Cardboard
  • Sharpies in a variety of colors
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Small Paintbrush
  • Small cup for alcohol 

1:  Insert a piece of cardboard into the pillow case to keep the colors from seeping to the other side.

2:  Roughly draw your design on the pillow case, and color in. You do not have to color it in solid, just scribbles are fine. Use a variety of shades of the same color to achieve an artistic watercolour look.

3:  Once the pillow is how you desire. Dip the paintbrush into the alcohol and paint over the designs. You could also put the alcohol into a small spray bottle if you wish. The colors will overlap as the alcohol bleeds them together. Don’t be alarmed, the alcohol will appear to bleach out the color and look yellow, but as it dries the vibrant colors will return.

4:  Allow to dry completely (about 1 hour). Using a black sharpie, draw over the watercolour to complete the design, or leave as is for a painted pillow look.

5:  Remove cardboard and insert pillow form. Fluff and use in any area of your home that could use a pop of color!

How easy is that? The kids will love seeing a project they helped to create bring color to your space… or have another pillow fighting tool! Either way, you’ll love creating this easy DIY project.


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