Hello again friends. I’m happy to be back so I can share this super easy and fun Valentine’s day watercolor floral wrap. This floral wrap is of course Valentine’s day themed, but it can be customized for any time of year.  I find that grocery stores nowadays tend to carry a beautiful variety of flowers at an affordable price. But often times the wrapping isn’t as cute. By adding this pretty wrap you’re not only enhancing the presentation, but also making a unique and thoughtful gift.

  • Large roll of white paper (we used draft paper found at a local office supply store)
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Large watercolor brush
  • Ribbon
  • Clear tape
  1. Unroll some of the paper and decide on pattern. To keep it super  simple we chose a ‘xo’ pattern.
  2. Dip your brush in paint and simply paint your desired pattern. In this case, we used various shades of pink to give it an ombre effect and tie in with our flowers. Allow paper to dry. TIP: Try not to make the brush too wet to avoid too much buckling of the paper.
  3. Cut paper into a square of desired size.
  4. Fold right bottom corner towards the centre.
  5. Lift folded corner and place flowers under fold. NOTE: I pre-wrapped the stems of the flowers in simple white paper, to avoid the water from dripping onto the custom paper, alternatively, you can leave the clear plastic wrap the flowers come wrapped in.
  6. Bring left side of paper wrap over towards the right and tuck under flowers.
  7. Bring right side of wrap towards the left, tuck under flowers and secure with tape.
  8. Tie a ribbon towards the bottom and you’re done !

I love the way the paper turned out and how it coordinates with the pretty tulips.

And there you go, super easy and in my opinion, super cute! I also love the idea of having your kids customize the paper for their grandma or aunt or even their teacher. Wouldn’t that make such a sweet gift?

What do you think?

Thank you so much for stopping by. See you very soon…xo


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