When I first decided to put my two daughters in one room, I was a bit anxious about the space. Our upstairs bedroom is rather small and I wasn’t sure how I could make it work since there isn’t much room for extra furniture, toys and toy storage.

However, I then realized that first, they don’t need that many toys in their bedroom, since they have a playroom downstairs. And second, instead of worrying about the lack of space on the ground, I should try using the vertical space in the best way possible.

That’s why I decided to install a wall-to wall shelf: I figured it’d be perfect for prints, and even books later on.

I started to research ideas for a playful shelf that would add a bit of a whimsy feel while storing some of my girls favorite little figurines. I was looking a lot online, and the colorful, painted little shelves where all a bit too pricey. Just when I was ready to give up, I found these unpainted ones in a craft store!I was really exited about my find, perfect for their little shared bedroom! And instead of spending my time painting them, I decided to see if a colorful duct-tape would do the trick.

  • Wooden shelves
  • Colorful duct-tape
  • Scissors

I got three different colors of duct-tape: mint, blue and purple. Then, starting from the bottom corner I wrapped the wooden house with it, and I cut off the excess tape. It was really much easier then I thought! I think that using duct-tape instead of paint is my new favorite thing now : no mess, and the result is flawless!So then I decided to put two on top of Rose’s bed, for her little wooden family that she loves playing with but that I hate finding laying on the floor (little wooden figurines can be as painful as Lego if you know what I mean). And the third shelf went in front of the door, as a permanent house for my oldest daughter’s favorite hand made doll: she doesn’t want anybody touching it, especially her little sister!I’m really happy how this project turned out. The shelves look as if I have bought them painted, and they add a bit of a whimsical touch to Lili’s and Rose’s room. I love how they add a pop of color, matching the garland and how they are both decorative and practical. Lili gets to keep her doll out of her sister’s way, and Rose has a way to keep her favorite figurines right on top of her new bed. I think they look really great with our new Leon’s furniture too!So next time you feel like your kids room is too small, like you lack the storage space, or that it needs a pop of color, try adding some shelves on top of the bed. And remember, you don’t need paint to add color, because duct-tape will do just fine!

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